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    Ruby, Luella, Daphne, Marlowe

    We are struggling so much with naming our baby girl (due this summer). We've come close to agreeing and then one of us falls out of love with the name... impossible! We have a two year old named Wyatt and our last name starts with S and is as common as you get (5 letters).

    Here are our current ideas.

    Luella nn. Lulu


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    The only one I dislike from your list is Luella, I think there are nicer ways to get to Lulu - Lucille, Louisa, Lula, Tallulah, Lusa, Lulita etc etc. My favourite is Ruby but I like the other too as well, since you have a common last name maybe something a bit more different, I think Marlowe and Daphne fit that bill well. Other ideas for you to consider though: Eloise, Xanthe, Velma, Willa, Jemima, Henrietta, Alicia, Renee, Bonnie, Riley, Frederique, Xenia, Jacqueline, Nicolette, Georgiana, Scout, Rachael, Karena, Ramona?
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    My fav from your list is Daphne, but I'd consider Luella too, since Lulu is so cute!
    I like the previous poster's suggestion of Willa.
    Other suggestions (if you're still looking for ideas...): Cora, Clara, Phoebe, Nadine, Cassidy, Olive, Mara, Esme, Diana, Rosa, Edith, Hazel, Jessie

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    I really love Wyatt and Luella (lulu) together! I like Ruby too but it's very popular where I live (top 5!) Marlowe is trendy at the mo IMO and I'm bit a fan of Daphne with your sons name....

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    I love Luella with Wyatt. All of the names are beautiful, but Wyatt and Lulu are too perfect to pass up!
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