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    New Dystopian Novel Naming Game

    I have come up with a new book idea, and I need help with naming my characters. The year is 4398, and almost everything is different. The place is the hidden Elder Coure nestled behind Oblitus, the main community controlled by the Government. Surnames are now numbers, and every number is different. Middles names are completely gone. When a name is used, it can't be used again until the person with that name is no longer alive. This goes with numbers as well. There is a group called the Rebellion. They are working to expose the Government for what they truly are, an evil organization that is taking away real joy from the people. The Rebels, the members of the Rebellion, are highly educated. They contain the Intelligence in their heads. The Intelligence is all of the knowledge from the past. (First name and number for each, please.) Here are the characters:

    #1) An eight year old girl who is the sister of character #2. Straight brown hair parted in the middle and put into two pigtails. Wears a skirt and long sleeve shirt, always. Very shy and always nervous around strangers. No freedom from parents, only ventures out with older brother.

    #2) A fifteen year old boy who yearns for something he didn't know existed. He wants freedom, but he doesn't know it till he meets character #3. Short brown-ish hair cut close to the scalp. Outgoing, curious, seldom "happy." Transforms throughout the story.

    #3) An almost sixteen year old female member of the Rebellion. Lives off the grid and completes missions for the Rebellion. Long, wavy silver-ish blonde hair. Outgoing, daring, risk-taker. She doesn't tolerate mistreatment and rudeness. Good fighter. Yearns for true freedom and the way of the past.
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    #1- Lila Fourteen, Elise Ninety-Seven, Arietta Twenty-Three "Ari" "Ri" "Etta", Piper Seventy-Two, Eleanora Seven "Nora"
    #2- Jude Fourteen, Wesley Ninety-Seven, Banner Twenty-Three "Ban", Carter Seventy-Two, Tobin Seven "Toby"
    #3- Indigo Eleven, Iris Thrity-Five, Quinn Two-Hundred, Wren Forty-Six, Zinnia Ten "Zinny", Kiana Fifteen

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    Now, I'm assuming due to the naming situation, people have become creative and succumbed to using strange names:
    1. Arka (means timid in Finnish) Eight (eight has "hidden" connotations, working because she is silent and shy)
    2. Kirye (meaning curious in Haitian -- Keer-ee) Eight (eight has "hidden" connotations, highlighting his hidden feeling for freedom)
    3. Alea (Italian for risk/hazard) Eleven (which is considered breaking the rules, with a hint of sinister due to it's parallel lines and also highlights the feeling of The Eleventh Hour which highlights the desperation of the Rebellion)

    If you want more common names, I'd suggest:
    Elena, Eleanore, Helena or names similar for the little sister; they have meanings of "light" with the same surname/number
    Alden or Dakota for the hero; they have meanings of friend/friendly with the same surname/number
    Audrianna, Bridget, or names similar for the female Rebel; they have meanings of "strong" with the same surname/number

    Remember; names are crucial parts of the personality. Maybe we don't get to chose our names in reality, but in literature, might as well use as much as you can for character development. Good luck, hope it's as good and The Giver-y as it seems.
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