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  • Yolanda Jane Angharad nn Yoyo

    2 6.45%
  • Araminta Catherine Alethea nn Minty

    8 25.81%
  • Aveline Lucy Aurora nn Ave

    20 64.52%
  • Mirabella Juliette Bronwen nn Belle

    8 25.81%
  • Magenta Gwendolyn Io nn Mamie

    1 3.23%
  • Anneliese Ellen Rhianna nn Annie

    11 35.48%
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    What names do you like from my list???

    Well, I have been looking over my list recently and was wondering what you think. I love unusual first names with classic middle names and I also love Greek or Welsh names as a second middle. Also could you vote on which is your favourite?
    Here's the list:
    Yolanda Jane Angharad nn Yoyo or Yola
    Araminta Catherine Alethea nn Minty
    Aveline Lucy Aurora nn Ave
    Mirabella Juliette Bronwen nn Belle
    Magenta Gwendolyn Io nn Mamie
    Anneliese Ellen Rhianna nn Annie

    Thank you!
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    My favourite is Aveline Lucy Aurora (the initials spell Ala which would be a cute nn).

    Here are my thoughts on your other combos. Warning: DO NOT take my brutal honesty or criticisms personally.

    I quite like Yolanda Jane but the Welsh Angharad looks out of place in the combo. Suggestion: Yolanda Jane Bronwen

    Araminta Catherine is pretty but adding Alethea sends the combo into the "over-the-top sugary-frilly" orbit. Suggestion: Araminta Lucy Catherine.

    Personally, I find Mirabel is feminine enough. Mirabella is an overdose of estrogen that leaves me queasy. Pairing it with another feminine name like Juliette then with the unisex and boyish Bronwen I find kind of jarring. Suggestion: Mirabella Jane Catherine.

    Magenta sounds like Cruella DeVille's cartoon sister. Mamie is normally a nn for Mary so I don't know how you can get Mamie as a nn got Magenta (I would think Maggie would be more intuitive). Magenta Gwendolyn has repetitive "en" sounds so it's not ideal for flow and I'm not crazy about the short mythological name of Io. Suggestion: Magenta Lucy Iris.

    Anneliese is a gorgeous German name but the bland Ellen and the trendy Rhianna do nothing for it. There is too many similar sounds in the combo (ann, el). Suggestion: Anneliese Magenta Catherine.
    All the best,

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    Aveline Lucy Aurora is beautiful. The others are either over-the-top or don't sound good.

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    Aveline Lucy Aurora is so cute. The others are just wayyy too frilly or are just plain strange (IMO). How about Lucy Aveline?

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    I personally only like Anneliese Ellen Rihanna.

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