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    Jessa seems too modern to me for someone born in the early 80s. How about Jessica nn Jessa?

    And Mick would likely be Michael nn Mick for someone born around that time, though Mick seems a little too common and informal for a butler, who I'd imagine would go by the full Michael.

    For #7, if he's a strong Jewish believer I'd imagine he'd have been brought up in the faith and have a somewhat Jewish name, whether first, last or both.

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    Didn't even think of that! Thank you! My only issue is Jessica Bianca Everett. Does it sound to harsh? She is a little harsh of a character though so I guess it would fit, but I like it!

    Agree on Michael as well, and I actually like Michael Wesley Daley a LOT better.

    Heyhey, his story is a little... interesting. He's pretty stubborn. I won't go into it to much, but he wasn't originally Jewish but actually came from a strong Catholic believing family. But now considering religion Hudson probably wouldn't fit. Maybe Joshua or James Adam Elliot?

    Thanks again, essjay!

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    Quote Originally Posted by girlychock View Post
    6) Female, died at three while walking in a parking lot (would be 17), fourth born and never talked about except when everyone's drunk. The narrator of the story. Quirky and conserved, doesn't like getting into arguments much but is okay with watching from a distant. Curious and giggly, but not the annoying girl kind of of giggly, more of an 'I'm adorable please laugh at me' kind of giggly. Hates bananas and loves yellow.
    I get the feeling that she's a ghost watching her family, right? But then you said she doesn't like getting into arguments, so I'm pretty confused. Also, disliking bananas doesn't seem much of an issue to a dead person.

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    1: Ephraim
    2: Elaine
    3: Ariana or Kimberly
    4: Julietta
    5: Darren... Because of redvines.... :3
    6: Ellis
    7: Jameson
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    1) Male, 58, The main family's butler.
    ~Spencer {Spence} Frances Holt
    ~Tobias {Toby} James Holt
    ~Vincent { Vince/Vinny} Alexander Holt
    ~Franklin/ Francisco {Frank/ Frankie} Alan Holt
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    2) Female, 57, mother of the family.
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    ~Christine/Christina { Chrissy/ Tina} Loiuse Miller| Millar / Webster
    ~Florence Maud{but goes by middle name maud?} Miller| Millar / Webster

    3) Female, 29, first born child.
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    ~Stacey Marie Miller| Millar / Webster
    ~Selena Maeve/ May Miller| Millar / Webster
    ~Elena Grace Miller| Millar / Webster
    ~Saskia Lucy Miller| Millar / Webster
    ~Katie Jane Miller| Millar / Webster

    4) Female, 28, second born (and the favorite). -
    Emily Elizabeth / Laurel Miller| Millar / Webster
    Laura Amanda / Collette Miller| Millar / Webster
    Sarah Caroline Joyce Miller| Millar / Webster
    Rachel Jessica /Susan Miller| Millar / Webster
    Olivia Jaqueline/ Eileen Miller| Millar / Webster
    Helen/a Nicole /Martha Miller| Millar / Webster
    Heather Jade Miller| Millar / Webster

    5) Male, 20, third born (least favorite).
    ~Aaron James / Scott Miller| Millar / Webster
    ~Alistair Benjamin Miller| Millar / Webster
    ~Wade Johnothan Miller| Millar / Webster
    ~Thomas {Tommy} Miller| Millar / Webster
    ~Clarke William Miller| Millar / Webster
    ~Samuel {sam} Richard Miller| Millar / Webster
    ~Warren Andrew / jacob Miller| Millar / Webster
    ~Damien Alan / matthew Miller| Millar / Webster

    6) Female, died at three while walking in a parking lot (would be 17),
    ~Megan Abigail / Alexandria Miller| Millar / Webster
    ~Alana Sadie / Charlotte Miller| Millar / Webster
    ~Bethany Rose / Eloise / Danielle Miller| Millar / Webster
    ~Keely / Keeley Michelle Miller| Millar / Webster
    ~Sophie Victoria Miller| Millar / Webster
    ~Grace Yvonne / Josephine Miller| Millar / Webster
    ~Chloe-Marie Isabelle Miller| Millar / Webster
    ~Zoe Caitlin / Alison / Clara/ Cassandra Miller| Millar / Webster
    ~Caitlin Juliette/ Roxanna / Rosemary Miller| Millar / Webster

    7) Male, 61, ex-husband of 2. Blamed to be the cause of 6's death (by 5 especially).Miller| Millar / Webster
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