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    Name Suggestions Wanted!

    Here's what I'm looking for:
    -names under the top 100 (some what familiar names, not to old and not to modern. Just average).
    -as many names as you can think of!
    -names of people (or other characters) you know that meet the characteristics! (of course, this isn't required, but it would be awesome if you guys could come up with a few people! ).
    -last and first names


    1) Male, 58, The main family's butler. Trying to help them get back together and connect better as a family. Very determined, divorced (young) seven times. I really good liar, but only lies when he thinks it would help someone. Loving and kind, yet a little straight foreword to the point where it can be rude. Misses his own family. Loves banana splits.

    2) Female, 57, mother of the family. Thinks she is capable of doing anything, and if anyone says other wise they're in trouble. Secretly smokes (a lot) and hates dogs. Been through a divorce herself. Loves her three children (and has a most and least favorite out of the three). Rich and snooty and very over protective of her house. Always wearing bright neon blue high heels.

    3) Female, 29, first born child. Says she works as a children's clown but is actually a prostitute. Has run away from home multiple times starting when she was seven. Very laid back and easy going. States her opinion openly. Growing emotionally unstable, likes to run to calm herself down. Always wearing white nurse shoes (except when at her job). Hates the color blue.

    4) Female, 28, second born (and the favorite). Successful at any job she's picked up (and it's been quite a few), but she always eventually gets fired for something. A kiss up. Dreamed of being a dancer but gave up on it during college. Sensitive and shy. Just got over an abusive relationship. Never takes risks when it involves anything but money. Loves saving homeless animals and orphans, ever since she was five.

    5) Male, 20, third born (least favorite). Usually stays out of family drama. Athiest. Wise beyond his years and dreams of being a writer. Plays guitar at bars and is obsessed with Harry Potter and writing Hunger Games fanfiction. Has talked about ditching is family forever. Goes to a college nearby his moms house where he's studying social sciences/phsycology [my computer refuses to figure out how to spell phsycology so I'm sorry if you want to punch me in the face]. Hates and is terrible at spelling. Emotional and hates junk food with a passion. Loves his little sister very much.

    6) Female, died at three while walking in a parking lot (would be 17), fourth born and never talked about except when everyone's drunk. The narrator of the story. Quirky and conserved, doesn't like getting into arguments much but is okay with watching from a distant. Curious and giggly, but not the annoying girl kind of of giggly, more of an 'I'm adorable please laugh at me' kind of giggly. Hates bananas and loves yellow.

    7) Male, 61, ex-husband of 2. Blamed to be the cause of 6's death (by 5 especially). Enjoys a good drink but not an alcoholic. Strong Jewish believer. Trying to win his ex-wife's heart back all. The. Time. Love music (Marvin Gaye and Irving Burlin especially, but also Justin Timberlake). Big fan of movies and comedies. Loves making people laugh. Hates ties, loves parties (birthday, anniversary; not clubs)

    Those are all the main people, if they're is anyone else I'll probably post in this thread.
    Thanks in advanced!

    Scarlett, Larkspur, Katherine, Petra, Wren, Sloan, Aurora
    James, Hugo, Harry, Rory, Theo, Finn
    Rory - Scarlett - Harry

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