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    Name for a character?? Please help!

    Okay, so I'm writing a story about three friends. They are 12 year old girls who have known each other their whole lives, but one moved away when they were 7, and now is coming back for a visit. I already have names for two of the girls, the one that moved and one of the ones who stayed - Janie and Alyssa. Now I need a name for the other one. She has short, curly, messy light brown hair, brown eyes, slightly chubby, freckled, and medium height. Her personality is cheerful and optimistic, and she can get really excited, like a little kid. Please help!!!
    Just another name loving girl........

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    Bethany! I know a girl who's personaliy is very similair to this character's. Perfect.

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    Since you alredy have names ending in 'a' and 'ie,' I'll try for something different.

    Jasmine - a Janie and a Jasmine in the same story might be too many Js, though...
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