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Thread: Please help us!

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    I love the names Elodie and I really like Daisy.
    what if you did:
    Elodie Roseanne or Elodie Rossana (Rose + Ann = middle name - I combined the name rose from the 3rd group and ann from the second)
    From the second group, I love Keira and Talia.
    From the 3rd, I don't love any, but I like Olivia, Bronte, and Madeline.

    Elodie Keira Olivia
    Elodie Keira Bronte
    Elodie Keira Madeline
    Elodie Talia Olivia
    Elodie Talia Bronte
    Elodie Talia Madeline
    Daisy Keira Olivia
    Daisy Keira Bronte
    Daisy Keira Madeline
    Daisy Talia Olivia
    Daisy Talia Bronte
    Daisy Talia Madeline

    From these, I like:
    Daisy Talia
    Elodie Keira
    Daisy Olivia
    Elodie Talia
    Elodie Kiera Madeline and Daisy Talia Bronte are my faves of the 3 name options.

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    I love Elodie Keira Madeline, thank you!

    Would love to hear some more suggestions

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