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Thread: Please help us!

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    Please help us!

    So we've cut our list down a little but we need some help with middle name suggestions please! We have a list of first names we love and middle names (all family names) and then there is a list of names that we are considering using for a double middle name option.

    FN we love: Amelia, Misha, Elodie, Imogen, Lola, Clara, Isla, Claudia, Sophia, Charlotte, Eleanor, Daisy,

    Middle Names: Ann, Claire, Keira, Christine, Talia, Juliet, Justine, Irene, Julia or Juliana

    The other list:
    Colette, Cosette, Claudette, Rose, Bronte, Bailey, Lily, Olivia, Eloise, Madeleine/Madeline.

    Thanks so much! x

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