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    One More Time for Baby Girl!

    I'm sorry to do this again, but we've had a slight change of heart. The becoming a mother to a real little human being suddenly struck (oh! it's not going to be a doll???) and I need more normal names. I know there aren't any drastic changes, but these are magical combos, they can change order and still sound good (British, I don't get flow to the extent the rest of you do). I'd just like to hear if you think these are as lovely as I do, or if you've got amazing suggestions waiting. If you want to make changes, we want a Shakespeare name in every combo (no Juliet) and no names that are questionable or evil (we let Circe and Morgana go for this reason). Historical, mythological and literary names are preferred. Thanks!!!

    Cressida Iris Amoret
    Fiammetta Ophelia Yvaine
    Gilda Elettra Rosalind
    Hespera Daphne Arden
    Illyria Charis Marian
    Polyhymnia Viola Elaine
    Zenobia Perdita Isolde

    We will be forever grateful to anyone who's helped us through this process by the way!
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    Fiammetta Ophelia Yvaine is my top pick of this list. I love Fiammetta... Did you drop Noor? I thought it was lovely!
    Hespera Daphne Arden- lovely combo I really like the Daphne Arden part of this, not so much with Hespera though.

    Gilda Elettra Rosalind seems a little "l" and "a" heavy. A bit of a tongue twister but that's with my American mouth...

    Cressida is really pretty but is Prince Harry's current girlfriend... Not sure if you like that or not

    I still go back to Fiammetta... I just think it fits all the images you've mentioned.

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    I haven't had any input into your threads before but I've been a bit of a lurker because some of your names are so lovely and I love seeing the combos you make

    From your list, I love Cressida Iris Amoret and Gilda Elettra Rosalind. Rosalind and Cressida are so beautiful <3 In fact, I like every name you've got there, except Charis and Polyhymnia. I like the sound of Charis, but Carys always felt like the more magical spelling. I'm not keen on Polyhymnia as it just doesn't sound right as a name to me, sorry

    I'm not going to mess with your combos at the mo, but I'll throw out Evanna, Imogen, Meraud, Sylvia, Bianca, Marina, Stella & Beatrix for consideration. They're a little more 'normal' and a few are from Shakespeare I believe

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    You have such lovely and whimsical taste

    My favorite is Cressida Iris Amoret.
    Eudora - Dorothea - Violetta - Odelia - Augusta - Odette - Isolde - Ondine - Leopoldine - Amaryllis - Sixtine -
    Eulalia - Aurelia - Marigold - Ariadne - Viola - Cosima - Philomena -Enid - Rosalind - Marguerite - Honore

    Averil - Caius - Casimir - Edmund - Ignatius - Benedict - Virgil - Raphael - Leopold - Clement - Caspar - Rainer - Romain - Ernest - Isidore - Wenceslaus - Balthasar - Peregrine - Gilbert - Cornelius - Augustine - Carlisle - Quentin - Severin - Castiel - Cyril

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    Still in love with Hespera Roselaine Arden, and I'm so sad not to see it here!

    Hespera Daphne Arden is wonderful. Perhaps Hespera Roselaine Iris? Hespera Iris Rosamund? Or am I just completely out of my reach?
    Cressida Iris Amoret - I like it! and oh! a thought just popped into my head - Cordelia Iris Amoret?
    Fiammetta Ophelia Yvaine - Fia is adorable! If I hadn't already fallen in love with your Hespera combos/imagery, Fia would definitely be my favorite - my only qualm is that Ophelia was not a really great Shakespeare character. Or does that not bother you?
    Gilda Elettra Rosalind - love Elettra Rosalind, but I'm not a fan of Gilda - she feels clunky to my ears.
    Illyria Charis Marian - like but am not stunned
    Polyhymnia Viola Elaine - Polyhymnia feels a bit out there - more doll-esque to me. What about Thalia Viola Elaine?
    Zenobia Perdita Isolde - makes me think of Tina Fey and 101 Dalmatians. And Tristan and Isolde....I think what I'm trying to say is too much name for one person? Sorry!
    Henry John, Charles Wesley
    Eleanor Lily, Margaret Jane

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