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    Our Top Boys Names :)

    Taking the advice of the berries on here who commented on my other post about my in-laws' opinions, my fiance and I have decided to basically tell them where to put their opinions and we're going entirely with options we like. We just need some help narrowing them all down! These are our final choices;

    Liam O'Connell
    Landon O'Connell
    Anthony O'Connell
    Andrew O'Connell (nn Andy)
    Thomas O'Connell
    Jake O'Connell
    Patrick O'Connell
    Cameron O'Connell
    Marcus O'Connell

    If Patrick's not used, his middle name would be Patrick Which of these do you like best? He'd be joining Felicity and Melody (if he comes after the one we're expecting now, still keeping a boys name on hand, on the off chance that the ultrasound was wrong and we have a boy)
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    Considering; Violet McKenna|Nicola Verity|Verity Elise| Clara Jasmine|Jasmine Oliviana

    Robert(Bobby) Patrick|Duncan Edward|Mark William|Thomas Henry

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    All of those names sound very nice. Honestly, they are not my style, but they are solid, classic, wonderful boy names nonetheless. My own personal favorite would definitely be Liam Patrick O'Connell. It is an extraordinarily handsome name, in my opinion.
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    I adore the name Liam, but I really love the sound of Cameron Patrick O'Connell.

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    I like Cameron, Landon, and Marcus the best!

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    My favorites would be Liam, Cameron and Marcus (though Marcus may not pair up with your last name quite as well as the first two). I'm not such a fan of Landon or Jake. The others range there in the middle somewhere (not usually a big fan of Patrick, but with your last name it does flow together a little magically). If Liam wasn't so crazy popular right now, it'd be my definite number one choice, so if the popularity issue doesn't bother you, that'd be a great choice. And it also goes together with your last name kinda perfectly.
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