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    HELP PLS Emily nn Emme or Lillian nn Lily?

    Hi, I was originally thinking of Liliana or Emily; however, Liliana doesn't seem to go as well with the last name Smith. My other daughters are named Charlotte and Sophie. My husband and I can only agree on the names Emily and Lillian. My daughter Charlie and I want Olivia but we can't convince my hubby so Olivia will likely be a middle name.
    My father mentioned to me yesterday that Emily was his grandmother's name so that is now weighing on my mind. What are your thoughts as baby is due any day. Thank you so much!

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    Ah decisions, decisions!

    Personally my favourite out of Emily and Lillian is Lillian. I feel Lillian is prettier, has more beauty and doesn't feel like a stereotypical choice next to Emily. Lillian goes so well with Charlotte and Sophie but then saying that as does Emily. But Emily almost feels like a filler name within that combination, Emily is the natural one to fall too. Whereas Lillian seems unusual in that sibling set. I like the nickname Lily as well. Personally I wouldn't have Olivia as a middle name. She's a beautiful name but in my eyes Olivia sounds strange in the middle name slot and I would go with Emily. Lillian Emily Smith sounds lovely and is fitting because of your father's grandmother.


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    Emily could be nn Lily. I loathe Liliana. Emily Olivia Rose is nice.

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    I prefer Emily, Liliana is too frilly. I agree with pp, Lily could be a nickname for Emily.

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    Out of Emily and Lillian, I prefer Lillian.
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