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    LOVE Olive and Violet (tied with 'I love'... Brilliant!) also really like Tate and Etta, Liam and Mila, Hallie and Leilah, and Aidan, Diana and Nadia is just brilliant... I wonder if there is triplets out there some where with these names... I hope so ...or Celia, Alice and Lacie! Aaron and Anora are both gorgeous names too but I'm not much if a fan of twin names beginning with same letter! Gosh can't believe there's so many!

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    Thanks for the list jfern... It's huge I only got to n but some others I really like are:
    Cornelia and Caroline
    Klio and Loki
    Dorothea and Theodora (my fave!... Dottie and teddy how cute!)
    Dave and Veda (Love this!... So usable!)
    Lilac and Cilla (though I'd be jealous if I was Cilla!)
    Lila and Alli
    Lucas and Claus
    Dolly and Lloyd

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    Some others from the list that stood out and would definately be usable:
    Hera and Rhea (2 strong names from Greek mythology)
    April and Pilar
    Odin and Dion
    Irene and Raine
    Rose and Eros (love this combo! Maybe as middles)
    Roza and Zora
    Solange and Angelo
    Thelma and Hamlet (maybe not usable but kinda cool
    Tania and Anita
    Sarita and Arista (really like this!)
    Shea and Ashe (a down to earth
    Norma and Roman
    Nora and Roan
    Orlando and Ronaldo...

    Any faves?

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    I saw Orla and Arlo on swistle. I also love:
    Aidan and Nadia(or Nadia and Diana)
    Abe and Bea (a subtle way to do this would be Abraham and Beatrice/Beatrix)
    Adeline and Daniela
    Darian and Adrian
    Annika and Kianna
    Arista and Sarita
    Ronald, Roland, Arnold
    Olen, Leon, and Noel
    Norma and Roman
    Melanie and Ameline
    Marcela and Carmela
    Bartlet and Talbert

    I think the main thing I like is when they aren't too similar. So it's more subtle. I feel like combo like Nia/Ian are too close... only three letters, and all the same vowel-sounds, just in a different order.

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    Here are some of my favorites I found:

    Raiden* and Nerida
    Raven and Avner
    Raul and Lura
    Hera and Rhea (Both Greek mythology names, probably a bit too matchy for actual use)
    Kira and Rika
    Rohan and Norah
    Romeo and Moore
    Rose and Eros
    Ryker and Kerry
    Saige and Aegis

    Raiden is NOT an -ayden name. It's Japanese and pronounced RYE-den.
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