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Thread: February

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    I ditto the PP: If January Jones can pull off her name, why not February??

    I know a September and an August as well! Once you get used to it, the name fits and sounds quite pretty.

    Someone will always dislike the name you pick.

    But Julie is a pretty name too. And I like the suggestion of February Juliet VERY much! That sounds so pretty! If your daughter grows to not be fond of her first name, she can easily go by Julie or Juliet if she wants.

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    Don't beat yourself up about it, it's obvious your not trolling!! Also so what you may have a few mistakes in your post??? Jeez!

    I can totally see the attraction in February; she's unusual, and has a great natural feel. I can also understand why you'd wonder why April, May and June work but February doesn't especially when January is also being used a lot as well. However unlike April, May, June and January the issue with February is that she's an awkward month. The pronunciation of February makes her awkward with 'Feb-u-airy' and 'Feb-ru-ary' issue and I also find her spelling awkward. Unlike other more commonly used month names she's not short and sweet like April nor does she have a lovely nickname like January 'Janey'.

    She's your baby you obviously have an attachment to February use it! But as a middle name!

    I dislike 'Julie' she's kind of bland and rhymes with February.

    What about Juliet February? Juliet February is stunning! Also Julia February?

    I would use Juliet February!!! Now get a jiggle on and go get her registered.

    Good luck xxx

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