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    I have a friend named Judith who goes by DD. She's in her mid-20's now! It has always worked great for her.

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    Edith is such a cute name, I know a little Edith who goes by Edie. I like Judith too, the NN Judy is so cute and underrated.
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    I don't have a problem with Edith or Judith. Ethel just doesn't have the same appeal to me.

    As far as why people are liking Edith more than the others, I have two words for you: Downton. Abbey. I've seen an increase in people talking about Sybil too. Between hearing it every Sunday for 3 years and the cute nickname Edie I think Edith is poised to be a new vintage favorite.

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    Edith is absolutely beautiful and I really wish i'd of named our second child that now instead of Eden. The nickname Edie is lovely too which we use. I think this is the nicest of your choices although the others are beautiful too. Ethel is my nans name, I adore it. I too do not understand why people dislike it so much, its very pretty. Even though I love this name, I dont think I would use it on my child as a first name but could be a contender for a middle name as I love vintage names. I am the least keen on Judith, I much prefer Julia/Julie and Judy because of the actor who played Dorothy. Although its a nice name its not one of my personal favourites, sorry.
    How about Dorothy? I love this name. Or maybe Florence, Clara, Meredith or Theodora? All beautiful names.
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