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    I see Judith making a comeback the way Edith and Harriet have been. Still under the radar, but not unheard of. I'm not as sure about Ethel. It doesn't have the cutesy, girly sound/feel that the others have IMO. Personally, I LOVE Judith and I think the nn Judy is adorable!
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    I am crushing majorly on Edith nn Edie right now. It's taken me a long time to appreciate all three, but I don't think any of them are bad, necessarily. I just think vintage names come back slowly. You may like Ethel and Judith now, while a lot of other people see them as very old fashioned. Just a couple years ago many people still saw Edith as old fashioned. Soon enough, Judith and Ethel will be back, I think. I've been watching this happen with my very favorite vintage name, Agnes--I still get a lot of those "what-are-you-thinking-are-you-a-crazy-person?!" looks, but several celebs have used it now and it's gaining a bit of favor on name boards like Nameberry (and from what I hear, it's coming more into style over in Europe!). And I've heard of a couple Agneses been born here in America in the past year or so, as well. And the more friendly Agatha is even more approachable/used. I think that's how it might be with Edith to Judith/Ethel--they're similar, in a way, so once Edith catches on, I think Judith and Ethel will, too.

    Good luck!
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    Seems as though you like that "th" sound.

    Of the three, I like both Edith and Judith, but am not a fan of Ethel. I didn't used to like any of them, honestly, but lately Edith especially has been growing on me.

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    Edith has grown on me lately too... I used to love Edie but found Edith ugly... For some reason I have learned to appreciate its beauty! Ive always thought Lilith was a beautiful name! Same with Judith and I think Judy Garland gives the nn Judy some glamour in the way Edie Sedgwick does for Edie! I also think of Punch and Judy Ethel is unattractive to me though I think Lily Allen using it for her daughter will boost its popularity and has definately made it more usable in the public eye... It reminds me if the worst witch in the school book series... Ethel was the mean girl! All the characters had pretty clunky vintage names in that series... Mildred and Maud also fit in a catagory with judith, edith and ethel in my eyes!

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    Thanks everyone for your thoughts! It's helped me think about it in a new light. Thanks for all of the suggestions also. I am liking Lillith more in place of Ethel since more times than not people tend to not like it. I thought about Lillian but it's pretty popular so Lillith is a bit more appealing to me. The only thing I don't really care for is the nn Lily, but you can't win them all!
    Loved hearing all of your names!

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