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    Thoughts on Vintage Girl Names

    I am wanting to see what all of the name lovers out there think about some of the names I have picked out for a girl. I love the different vintage names. I don't overly care for the more trendy and popular names. Vintage, though, seems to be coming more popular so that is both good and bad for me. Good because I love the names, but bad because the names I like are too old sounding. Or so I have been told. It will be good to hear what other people think that are not family members who are over thinking the names. ( Though rightfully so :)
    So here are a few:
    The two I get the most criticism about are Judith and Ethel. Edith, I know, is becoming more popular. So why would Ethel and Judith not be liked as much as Edith?
    Thanks for your thoughts!

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