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    I like Violet Ada and Willow Maeve. The middle names aren't doing much for me (kinda meh), but I like the combo for reasons southern.Maple said.
    I like Caleb Emmett and Noah Alexander. Middle names that honor are cool with me. Maybe search your family tree for a surname you like. Or Caleb Roger, Caleb Leander, Caleb Apollo, Caleb Jehosphat, Caleb Abraham, Caleb Solomon, Caleb Hercules, Caleb Truman, Caleb Roosevelt, Caleb Julius, Caleb Howard, Caleb Bosley, Caleb Stephanos, Caleb Buchanan, Caleb Sullivan, Caleb Churchill, Caleb Winslow, etc.
    Now Declan and Holly... Christmas babies! Although it seems a bit early for December children they are great. Now time for the Caroling,
    "Dec-lan Halls With Boughs of Holly...Falalalala lalalala"
    "I think this twinset is Jolly ... Falalalala lalalala"
    "What would I name Yule-time babies ... Falalala falalala falalala"
    "Something cute and Yule-time crazy Falalalala lalala"
    Sorry Declan and Holly aren't that bad, although they also were a couple on Degrassi. I think its do-able, but Declan seems very now and trendy and Holly seems a little... dated maybe or maybe just timeless. I would pick something trendy to go with trendy Declan. Declan and Felicity, Declan and Genevieve, Declan and Cora, Declan and Clara, Declan and Annabelle, Declan and Ivy, Declan and Juliet, etc. Good Luck!

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