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    Quote Originally Posted by charlieandperry1 View Post
    Good luck finding your twin husband

    Haha I'm not keen on football, but I love rugby. I don't know most of the rules either- I just like yelling at the Welsh and the French Yep still on, Scots are just about beating the froggies at the mo
    I'm going to have to go round asking men if they are twins or not when I am old enough to get married. I'll be like 'Sorry I can't marry you your not a twin' Hahah. That's quite funny we are opposites but both don't know the rules! Oooh really! My sister is hogging the T.V at the mo so I won't be able to watch.

    southern.maple - I'm actually quite pleased with my first combo! I'm not that keen on Emmanuel but thanks anyway. Thanks for your opinion of my Holly and Declan combo too. I really like Phoebe paired Cora and Samuel with Charles!
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    Caleb Emmett and Noah Alexander - very nice, and yes Caleb Emmett sounds nice together.

    Willow Maeve & Violet Ada- I'm not a fan of Willow but these combos work well together

    Holly Ethel & Declan Finlay- I don't think Holly works with either mn and I also think it seems out of place with Declan

    Alasdair Mitchell & Dashiell William (Dair & Dash)
    Imogen Viola & Helena Olivia (Ivy & Ena)
    William Iowa & Elizabeth Zoebelle (Will & Ellie)
    ♥Mckinley Mayfair, Christian Wayne & Sir Angus Fionn♥

    Lyra Primrose, Amelia Hyacinth, Imogen Viola/ Magnus Frey, Morgan Escher, Sebastian Lake
    the rest of my combos
    Elizabeth, Adelaide, Clara, Arabella, Beatrice, Imogen, Juniper, Cordelia, Hermione, Isabella
    the rest of the girls
    William, Edgar, Jasper, Gilbert, Henry, Horatio, Magnus, Sebastian, Basil, Bennett
    the rest of the boys

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    Thanks mclola for your help. I really like Imogen Viola from your list. Not keen on the nicknames for the first two set though.

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    Cair Paravel :)
    Caleb Emmett and Noah Alexander - I think Caleb and Noah are perfect for twin brothers, and I have to say, I adore Caleb Emmett! Two of my favorites, and they're so lovely together.

    Willow Maeve and Violet Ada - LOVE Violet, and I like Ada with Violet (or even an Addy name--I think Violet Adeline would be so charming! Ada almost seems too short--I would either swap it to Ada Violet, or do a longer Ada name, like Violet Adelaide or Violet Adeline). Willow and Violet are lovely together, but almost seem too matchy to me.

    Holly and Declan - I like Holly Florence better than Holly Ethel, but I'm honestly not a fan of either. I like something that would probably be classified as a modern classic--like Juliana-- with Holly. I LOVE Declan, though, but I think something like Violet would pair better with it than Holly.

    As for me, I highly doubt I would go in search of twin names. I know enough twins to know that a lot of them don't like having matchy names, they want to be their own person. So I wouldn't give twins (or triplets, or quads) names any different from what I would name 2, or 3, or 4 singletons in a row. So by that reasoning, at this point in my life, pairings would be:

    Isabelle Aurora Grace and Arianne Eleanor Kate "Bella and Ari"
    Isabelle Aurora and Caleb Elias Joseph "Bella and Cal/Caleb"
    Caleb Elias Joseph and Everett Joshua Charles "Cal and Ev"

    Although if I had boy/girl twins, I would be hard-pressed not to name them Isabelle (Aurora Grace) and Avery (Ian George)--I've been in love with that as a sibset for years now! I think it would be so cute to meet twins with those names.

    If I went by current crushes, though, I'd probably end up with:

    Annabel Sophie Rebecca and Samuel Ephraim Jack "Annie and Sam"
    Annabel Sophie Rebecca and Eleni Giovanna Kate "Annie and Leni"
    Samuel Ephraim Jack and Charles Oliver Darcy "Sam and Charlie"
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    Ashley | storyteller | Christian

    princesinhas e príncipes:
    Isabelle Aurora Grace ▪ Avery Ian George

    thinking about:
    Adelaide Iris Mireille "Daisy" ▪ Reef Benjamin Elias
    Grayson Amory Charles "Gray" ▪ Violet Ophelia Noelle "Lottie"
    Ava Marigold Jane ▪ Everett Maximilian James
    Lennox Shepard James ▪ Daphne Elisabet Mary
    Rosamund Hannah Jane "Rosie" ▪ Jack Sailor Ezra

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    Alice and Celia. They're anagrams of each other!
    ~ Violet Elizabeth Rose ~


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