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    Suggestions and Thoughts??

    Hey Berries!
    I need help narrowing down my top 10 list for girls. Some people think my list is a little off the wall, so I'll need your opinion.

    Atlas Kate (I am in love with this name)
    Clare (middle name suggestion? no elizabeth please)
    Alice Faith
    Aspen Shea
    Harper Teagan
    Ophelia Beret
    Felicity Mae
    Lisette Elizabeth Grace
    Declan Hope Tara
    Jane (help!)
    Elle Alexandra Joy
    Luna Rea
    Sienna Renee
    Mirée Penelope
    Ainsley Willow
    Livia Grace

    Very open to suggestions!!

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    Atlas Kate - I don't like Atlas for a girl. I'm not even sure if I like it for a boy, due to the mythology character. Kate is beautiful. Atossa Kate, Artemis Kate, Athena Kate, Atalanta Kate, Atlantis Kate?
    Clare - I like Clare, love Claire. Clare Bethan, Clare Finella, Clare Elowen.
    Alice Faith - Love Alice, but I never liked Faith. It's ok as a middle though.
    Aspen Shea - Honestly, I'd think this was a boy. Two unisex names that both (for me) lean towards male.
    Harper Teagan - It's fine, I really like Teagan, not a fan of Harper.
    Ophelia Beret - LOVE Ophelia. Beret, like the hat?
    Felicity Mae - Beautiful Felicity, I'd like Mae to be spelled May.
    Lisette Elizabeth Grace - Lisette and Elizabeth in the same combo? Really?
    Declan Hope Tara - Declan is a boy name. Delen, Derowen, Demelza?
    Jane - Jane Ophelia.
    Elle Alexandra Joy - Three beautiful names.
    Luna Rea - Luna is gorgeous, Rea I do not like.
    Sienna Renee - I like Renee, Sienne is ok.
    Mirée Penelope - Penelope is very pretty.
    Ainsley Willow - I like this one very much. Ainsley is super cute, and Willow is beautiful.
    Livia Grace - Ooh I like this very much too. Beautiful!

    I'll suggest Hadley and Saylor for you.
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    Atlas Kate (I am in love with this name)- Interesting on a girl, though I prefer the similar sounding, fellow Greek mythology name Atalanta- a girl who refused to marry anybody who couldn't beat her in a footrace. A better story than Atlas's, and a much more feminine name.
    Clare (middle name suggestion? no elizabeth please)- I prefer Clair or Claire, but this spelling has a more tomboyish feel. A bit incomplete, though.
    Clare Amaya
    Clare Sofia
    Clare Eliza
    Clare Bethany
    Clare Saskia
    Clare Imogen
    Clare Eleanor
    Clare Violet

    Alice Faith- Both are lovely names, but Faith just seems shoved in there- the flow is off. Alice Fay sounds much better, or even Fay Alice.
    Aspen Shea- Shea sounds filler here and the sound is off. Shay Aspen is much better, or Aspen Sienna.
    Harper Teagan- Harper is NMS, but the name combo sounds nice together.
    Ophelia Beret- Beret? IMHO it's a word and should stay a word. But Ophelia is gorgeous. Ophelia Ray, Ophelia Esme, Ophelia Renee and Ophelia Scarlett may be better.
    Felicity Mae- Love both names, though Mae is a bit of a filler.
    Lisette Elizabeth Grace- Lisette is a variation of Elizabeth, and the flow off. Also, Grace seems tacked on last minute to add originality to Elizabeth. Two middles can work well if they both flow into each other, i.e. May Elizabeth Aria. 'Aria' makes it seem more unique.
    Declan Hope Tara- Declan is a boys' names. I can't see it on a girl. But what about just Hope Tara?
    Jane (help!): NMS, but strong, classic name.
    Jane Eliza
    Jane Elsa
    Jane Verity
    Jane Adalia
    Jane Evelyn
    Jane Ariana
    Jane Caroline
    Cora Jane
    Mira Jane
    Ella Jane

    Elle Alexandra Joy- Are you pronouncing Elle 'Ellie' or 'El?' Personally, I don't think either is substantial as a first name. What about Eloise, Eleanor, Elise or Elaine?
    Luna Rea- Pretty combo- assuming Rea is prn Ray. Luna Rea prn Ree-uh is also pretty.
    Sienna Renee- Has a mix of young and old. I like it.
    Mirée Penelope- I'm not sure where you live, but in the US names with accented letters cause a world of trouble. Mireille, the original spelling, is impossible to pronounce. I know an adult Mireille, born and raised in France, who goes by Mary because of the pronounciation troubles. What about Mira? Mira Penelope is gorgeous.
    Ainsley Willow- Ainsley is NMS but nice combo.
    Livia Grace- Love Livia, but Grace is the new Marie in middle names.
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    Atlas Kate -- It sounds cute on paper, but I would hate to be a girl named Atlas.
    Clare -- Miss the i, but like the name. I like Clare Anneliese myself.
    Alice Faith -- Very sweet!
    Aspen Shea -- I like it but also feel it is a bit trendy and sound like a character instead of a real person.
    Harper Teagan -- Trendy yet very gorgeous.
    Ophelia Beret -- Really not something I like.
    Felicity Mae -- Felicity is one of my top 10! Mae clashes with it in my opinion. I just feel they are two different types of girls.
    Lisette Elizabeth Grace -- Not my style yet there is something about the combo that really grabs at me as pretty.
    Declan Hope Tara -- Not sure how I feel about Declan on a girl, but like the sound of it with Hope. Feel like Tara doesn't fit.
    Jane -- plain
    Elle Alexandra Joy -- Just not my style at all.
    Luna Rea -- Also not my style
    Sienna Renee -- I like Sienna a lot, but really don't like the flow of the combo
    Miree Penelope -- not my style
    Ainsley Willow -- I don't care for either name personally, but everyone I've known with these names have been nice sweet girls.
    Livia Grace -- Eh. Don't care for Livia.

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    I love Alice, Elle, Kate and Luna.

    Jane, Grace and Mae are my favorite middles. The rest are NMS. Declan seems all boy to me.
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