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    Help Name the Sexy Cowboy.....

    Today I'm working on another character in my modern apocalypse story. He's the sexy 'cowboy' of the group. I've already named him Jimmy. I am not willing to change that. The name totally suits him 100%. I've never had a single doubt. I can't decide on a surname. I'll tell you about Jimmy.

    Jimmy is in his late 30's. He is tall and has a solid, athletic build. He's a very handsome red-head with blue eyes and lots of feckles. He's the outdoor type. He loves nature, fishing, hunting, the sun, moon, and stars. He's an extrovert with a very deep voice but at the same time he speaks quiet and likes quiet time. He had a good childhood, and was well-liked in school. He was a star on the football team but he had a knee injury in his senior year and he had to quit the team. I know what Jimmy's role is in the story, but I haven't decided on what his job is. I do know that he will be in law inforcement or some sort, police, game warden....something like that. Jimmy has a killer smile, he laughes and jokes around a lot. He's a gentleman, he well-mannered, but he does have a temper an it comes out when someone lies to him or someone he loves is hurt. Jimmy lives with his on-again-off-again girlfriend. I haven't named her yet, but I'm thinking of going with Hillary. Jimmy is also in love with a girl he's known his whole life, his best friend, Annie. Annie doesn't know that Jimmy is in love with her. Jimmy has never said anything. He is afraid it will mess up their friendship, plus Annie has a boyfriend, and Jimmy respects that. In addition, he loves 'Hillary' too and doesn't want to hurt her. He knows that if he can never be with Annie, he could be content and happy with Hillary.

    I have a big list of possible surnames. I was thinking of something starting with 'B', but I've listed names that begin with other letters too. The names in bold are my favorites.

    Barclay, Barnes, Beaudry, Beckett, Brady, Brotherton, Buchan, Buchanan, Butler

    Angus, Armstrong
    Cartwright, Coker, Cooper, Cotter, Coulter
    Edgewood, Everett, Epps, Epstein
    Gable, Garrett, Gearhart, Gibbons, Gilman, Givens, Graves
    Hamilton, Hargrove, Harmon, Helm, Henderson, Hodges, Hoffman, Holden, Hollis, Houston
    Ladd, Langston
    McCray, Miller
    Parks, Parnell, Parrish, Parsons, Patterson, Pierce, Pritchard
    Ramsey, Reynolds, Riggins, Roberts, Rogers, Rosenthal, Russell, Rutledge

    Do any of these stand out to anyone? Are there any you hate? If anyone has any suggestions that are not on my list, I'd love to hear them.

    Thanks, everyone.

    P.S. So I don't get any repeats, here are the other surnames already in use: Cargill, Ford, Price, Wakefield, Dunlop, Sinclair, Trask, Valentine, and Wylie.
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    Have a Nice Day

    I don't have any children, but I write like crazy and am always looking for names for characters. I think I'm a half decent story teller, a mediocre writer, but horrible at picking names.

    Favorites: Ainsley, Everly, Shay, Bryce, Michaela, Bree, Susannah, Jensen, Damien, Anson, James, Dalton, Sawyer, Alaric

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