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    That's so beyond horrid..."I hope you never have another girl", that's appalling. If my mother in law ever said that, we would have serious issues for years.
    I can't believe some of the things some mother in laws have said to nameberry users. You guys are all better than me for handling it.

    The worst commentary I've had hasn't been that bad, only things like "Olivia and Henry? What are you, white?" which was the most recent one from a 16 year old I've known since childhood. Oh, by the way I have a great-uncle Henry, and the only thing white on him is his hair.

    I have yet to have children, so we'll have to wait and see. I purposely don't tell people close to me my top names because they're so off of what they'd choose or suggest. I do know my aunt hates the name Nathaniel, but that's because her 7 year old son had a bit of an issue with a bully named Nathaniel. She said she'd never call him Nathaniel, but I'm fine with nicknames or her using his middle name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by southern.maple View Post
    I've never understood why some people feel the need to be so terribly rude about what someone else names their children. For whatever reason baby names are generally a "no rules apply" topic and some people think it's appropriate to give their opinion with absolutely no regard for the feelings of the parents-to-be. Even if someone I knew told me they were going to name their child MckJaidynn Izaiyah I would at least leave the room before groaning in agony, and I certainly wouldn't tell that someone "Dear Lord I hope you never have a boy, that's horrible!" Sheesh.

    This is exactly why I don't plan on revealing names early when I do have children. If I got such a rude response from my mother-in-law I don't know that pregnant me would be able to hold my tongue.
    To be honest, I don't think one should have to. Commentary like what the OP had, signs off on my personal permission slip to have a go at you.

    But that's just me.

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    Don't be discouraged - my maternal grandparents disliked my name and tried to talk my mother out of it, but they came to love my name. I do understand the disappointment though. About a year ago my DH actually let me talk about names with him and we found out that we both liked Cordelia - the first name I ever mentioned to him that he accepted! Well, I guess he mentioned it to his mother and, in her true blunt fashioned, simply told him that it was ugly. I think it turned him off the name a bit, and it made me really sad.

    BTW - I love Saskia. It's one of my cousin's middle names (she live in NL), and I think it's just gorgeous!
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    My whole family spent about ten minutes bahing the Agatha, after I made the mistake ofbringing it up. Not going to repeat their comments, but most were just cruel. I got a similar reaction from a friend when I mentioned I liked Agatha, "Do you want to torture your future kids?!" I knew people wouldn't like it but I didn't think it was that bad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by katzenjammers View Post
    FWIW my own mother begged me not to use the name she knew I had my heart set on for my second son...she had ALWAYS been down on it (I never should have shared it with her!) but I used it anyway. Lots of people don't like it, and she still doesn't, but she loves him and I can't see him as having many other names, it suits him very well! We have survived. And my second daughter has a foreign/unpronounceable name that has weathered the family-opinions-storm quite well...I did manage to keep that one under wraps until she arrived. I am happy I went with my gut for both names as I love them and would have been sad to be dissuaded by others' opinions (which I know can happen easily). I think though there is some merit in examining a name if you find you are easily dissuaded, then maybe it's not "worth fighting for," iykwim.

    Take heart, and stay strong in your convictions if you love something!
    ITA I think if you're that shakeable then you really need to reevaluate your choice. It could be that you really love it but possibly the name is too weird/too cool/too girly/too ... for who you are.

    My mom hates Tallulah and Honora/Nora. Her exact words were: Tallulah- "please don't do that to a child" and Honora/Nora- "ugh!". I reevaluated. I really only liked Honora/Nora to get to the nn Nor. I loved Noor but didn't think it was "acceptable". When I told Mom she loved it because it sounds like me. I reevaluated Tallulah and realized that it is pretty frilly and doesn't quite fit my personality but I still plan to use it. Mom still hates it but she knows that I'm firm on this one. We just joked about Tallulah when I saw her last weekend

    Mom adores her grandchildren but she doesn't like any of their names. She likes all the names in my sig (except Tallulah and Aviva) so I tease my older sibs about it being proof that I'm her favorite.

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