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    FWIW my own mother begged me not to use the name she knew I had my heart set on for my second son...she had ALWAYS been down on it (I never should have shared it with her!) but I used it anyway. Lots of people don't like it, and she still doesn't, but she loves him and I can't see him as having many other names, it suits him very well! We have survived. And my second daughter has a foreign/unpronounceable name that has weathered the family-opinions-storm quite well...I did manage to keep that one under wraps until she arrived. I am happy I went with my gut for both names as I love them and would have been sad to be dissuaded by others' opinions (which I know can happen easily). I think though there is some merit in examining a name if you find you are easily dissuaded, then maybe it's not "worth fighting for," iykwim.

    Take heart, and stay strong in your convictions if you love something!
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    I've never understood why some people feel the need to be so terribly rude about what someone else names their children. For whatever reason baby names are generally a "no rules apply" topic and some people think it's appropriate to give their opinion with absolutely no regard for the feelings of the parents-to-be. Even if someone I knew told me they were going to name their child MckJaidynn Izaiyah I would at least leave the room before groaning in agony, and I certainly wouldn't tell that someone "Dear Lord I hope you never have a boy, that's horrible!" Sheesh.

    This is exactly why I don't plan on revealing names early when I do have children. If I got such a rude response from my mother-in-law I don't know that pregnant me would be able to hold my tongue.
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    my sentiments exactly
    -an Amelia from a time before 'Amelia' was in the top 100.

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    I just had this happen today. I threw a baby shower for a friend and we wrote out all their possible names on a chalkboard at my house. One of the names is Hazel, which my husband and I have on our short list as well. My mother came over today and read the names and shrieked, "Hazel! I know older names are coming back, but really!?" I just responded by telling her that my husband and I really like that name. She said she was sorry, but looked so disappointed. It was a complete accident on her part, but it still made me a little sad to know she hated the name.

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    I'm way too young to have kids, so I can't talk about that park.

    Me, to a friend: "I love Melinda!"
    Friend: "What? Absolutely awful! Promise me you never name your daughter that way! PROMISE ME!"
    I take that promise a lit bit more seriously than I should. I still love Melinda, but I don't think about naming my child that way She ruined the name for me!

    When we're discussing names, with other girl friends:
    Me: "I love Alma!"
    Friend: "You've been watching too much "Física o Química" [spanish teenage TV series; one of the characters is named Alma]!"
    But I understand that: Alma is a EXTREMELY rare name in Portugal (since its approval in 2011, it has been used only 6 times in about 190.000 babies), whilst in Spain is relatively popular.

    For reactions as the shown above, I prefer not to talk about my name crushes. I'll handle that when I have kids and that's it :P

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