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    FWIW my own mother begged me not to use the name she knew I had my heart set on for my second son...she had ALWAYS been down on it (I never should have shared it with her!) but I used it anyway. Lots of people don't like it, and she still doesn't, but she loves him and I can't see him as having many other names, it suits him very well! We have survived. And my second daughter has a foreign/unpronounceable name that has weathered the family-opinions-storm quite well...I did manage to keep that one under wraps until she arrived. I am happy I went with my gut for both names as I love them and would have been sad to be dissuaded by others' opinions (which I know can happen easily). I think though there is some merit in examining a name if you find you are easily dissuaded, then maybe it's not "worth fighting for," iykwim.

    Take heart, and stay strong in your convictions if you love something!
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