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    Question Ireland as a name?

    I read a story recently where a girl was named Ireland and I've seen it on a few lists on here.
    I never thought of it as a name before, but I guess it is.

    I think I prefer it as a middle name but does it work as a first name? If so, what middle name with it?

    Which is better Gemma Ireland or Lucy Ireland?
    I'm not planning on using it right now, just keeping my options open.
    I have other middle names for Gemma and Lucy, just curious as to which sounds better.

    For those who don't know, Alec Baldwin's daughter is named Ireland. She was born in 95 so she's 17/18.
    Not sure if that changes things, just putting it out there.

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    I think it's lovely as a middle name. Lucy Ireland feels like it flows better than Gemma Ireland. I'd find it a bit odd as a first name... it would sound like something from a Western.

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    I know a 12 year old Ireland, and to be quite honest I really dislike it. It would be so much better in the middle spot, but even then it's still really not my style. I do like some place names but Ireland just seems so over the top.

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    I don't like Ireland as a first name, it seems silly. However while it's nms I think it does work as a middle name, especially if you actually have some connection to Ireland. Out of Gemma Ireland and Lucy Ireland I would pick Gemma Ireland.
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    As a middle name I suppose it's alright. Definitely not a first though.

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