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    I completely feel your pain with this... my mother in law is simply awful when it comes to her reactions to our name possibilities. She has grudgingly ok-ed Juliet (though she, being Haitian, wants the French spelling, Juliette, which I'm not down for) and Bear (only because it's my husband's nickname... she still says it's weird). However, just about every other name you can think of she finds some reason to reject. I'm finally coming around to realization that I'm just going to have to pick a name my husband and I like and hope she doesn't make good on her threat to rename the kid and strong-arm the family into calling him/her that instead (how rude, right?) I really love my mother in law, but this is one place where she can be a real pain. She nixed Rose because her mother's accent will make it sound like 'Wose' and because one of our co-worker's granddaughter's middle name is Rose... like... seriously? It's still in my top two girls regardless. And she said Kamal sounds ghetto and that it's meaning (perfection) is too much to live up to. Seeing as how my husband and I both love the name, and it derives from the real name of an artist who was part of the reason we met, it's staying in our top two. Keep your head up, fight the good fight, ignore her When she has a cute little grandchild to dote over, the name won't matter so much (although hopefully your mother-in-law won't continue to dote on how you picked a name she disapproved of, as mine likely will).
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    I'm only a teen who doesn't expect to have kids, but many people at my choices, as well:

    "Ariadne? Did you make that up?"
    "Matthias? Poor kid..."
    "Oh, Cordelia is... The weather's nice out today."
    "And you say you think your name is too unique, but you want to name your daughter Mavis..."
    "You'll understand why these names are bad when you're older."

    My friend is a Mabel. Her parents adored the name, but everyone else was shocked that they were considering such an 'old-lady and unnattractive' name for their daughter. When she was a baby, Mabel's parents called her by her first and middle, Mabel Marie, because that was the only thing the relatives could stand.
    But, within a month of her birth, the family realized that Mabel was not an ugly, old lady name, and that it fit their daughter perfectly. Thirteen years later, Mabel loves her name, and took Mabel to a whole new level of spunk and sass for me.

    Most people keep their mouth shut once the baby is born. Saskia is one of my favorites- but I doubt I'm bold enough to use it. And there's always the adorable nickname Kia if she thinks her name is too out there.

    If it comes up again, tell them the response that the other posters have mentioned: You already had a chance at naming your kids, and I wasn't very impressed at your choices.
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    I guess my family is more blunt and less sensitive than some other posters. It seems that the majority would prefer that family keep their negative feelings to themselves. I prefer honesty.
    I do not like my nieces' and nephews' names and my siblings are well aware of this. The births of the kids didn't change my opinion. My family thinks many of my favorite names are awful. Oh well, different strokes. Nobody's feelings are hurt.

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    I made the mistake of telling my mother my rediscovered love of Anneliese. She made a face and said "don't turn into one of those Dominicans who make up weird names for their kids." *sigh* I tried to tell her it's a REAL name... to no avail. No kids yet but my fiance and really liked that one. It made me a little sad.
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    Oh, yeah, our list was laughed at pretty hard when we revealed some of our names (Tinuviel????). I'm pretty sure the names we've got on our list now would be ridiculed as well, but I don't care. My family will love our baby, and will come to love the name as well. But I have to say, for me their critique helped me. We've chosen less out there first names, also names that won't be too difficult for our non-English family members to pronounce. But it is heartbreaking when your favourites are trashed. My family is very close, and we always speak our minds. I made fun of my nephews name when my sister told me about it (mainly because I had another favourite on her list), but it's ok. He's name is wonderful and it suits him. if you love a name enough, it will stand the test of some bad comments. And it's also important to remember that there might be some truth to it. But I think Saskia Jane is gorgeous, and definitely wearable.
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