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    Quote Originally Posted by rosebyanyothername View Post
    Hmm..seems like Bible names for the boys and spiritual/biblical ideas for girls?
    Most of your girls names are pretty obscure and I am not sure what the pronunciation would be of them all but I think...
    Xara is nice but Chara is way too close to Charis.
    Other thoughts
    Ezekiel Seth
    Lemuel James
    Sarai Nesiah
    Adah (prn. AHDah not Ada) Elia
    Thank you for the thoughts. I put the links into the names so they would be easier to find and see pronunciation on. I had both Ezekiel and Lemuel and hubby vetoed...I like the sound of Adah, but my niece is Addy and I am not sure how I feel about the similarities.

    Quote Originally Posted by roseymaam View Post
    For the girls, Lael is my favorite, followed by Nesiah and Tova. I also like Aziza for you.
    For the boys, my favorite is Gideon or Tobiah. I like some of your other choices, particularly Zechariah and Nehemiah, but they sound a little overwrought next to your other boys' names.
    I am pretty much on the same page as you here...I agree that another long iah first name will be tough (we are already a little tounge tied when calling kids...). I do like Tobiah though. I am pushing for Gideon, but hubby isn't on board.

    Quote Originally Posted by raptreverie View Post
    For a boy, I'd do Nathaniel Tobiah or Gideon Tobiah

    From your girl's list, I like Nesiah, but I think it would be a bit too much to have another -iah first name in the family and would thus limit it to a middle name. Lael Nessiah or Tovah Nesiah sound the best to me.

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    Just wanted to clarify how you're pronouncing Nessiah. I'm thinking NESS-yuh? I know someone with this name (and this pronunciation), but spelled Nesyah. I don't have a preference between these spellings, but I would prefer this pronunciation to, say, ness-EYE-uh.
    We probably would stick to the ness-EYE-uh, but most likely as a middle. Keziah was on the list and it got nixed. I like Peninah, unfortunately hubby sees things slightly different than me and hears something else when this is said...

    Thank you, thank you...this is really helpful to see if we are at least headed in a right direction.

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