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    Twin for Felicity?

    I really love the name Felicity (nicknames Lissie and Liss and Lity) but I can't think of a good name to pair with it. It seems like all the names I love aren't as flowy or aren't as substantial as Felicity, which I think is both at the same time. What do you think? Some names I love;

    Cordelia - nicknames Cora or Delia
    Ivy - too short to go with Felicity?
    Eloise - nicknames Elsie and Lou
    Amelia - nicknames Mimi or Mia or Lia
    Jane - nickname Janie
    Annabelle - nicknames Bella and Annie

    Other suggestions welcome!

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    I like the name Felicity too, unfortunately the hubby doesnt

    Out of your names I like:
    Felicity and Violet
    Felicity and Freya

    Felicity and Danica
    Felicity and Alexis
    Felicity and Portia
    Felicity and Acacia
    Felicity and Estella
    Felicity and Elodie
    Felicity and Soraya
    Felicity and Nadia

    Good luck
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    If you are the one who had posted about Felicity and Jane before, I still LOOOVE that pair! But I do understand if you feel like Jane might feel like she has "less of a name." All of your choices are lovely, and I think Cordelia definitely feel as elegant and formal as Felicity does

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    I really like Felicity and Claudia together, although the contrast in meaning bothers me. Felicity and Eloise would be my second choice. What about Felicity and Louisa or Felicity and Clara?
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