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    Eleanor & Park Inspired CAF!

    Who else LOVES this book? Don't worry; no spoilers in this! I'm not sure of the ages of the parents besides Eleanor's mother, so if you know the real ages, you can swap them out. I'm only halfway through the book. :P

    The Douglas'
    DH (35): Ricky, Levi, Landon, Winston, Sid, Emmett, James
    DW (32): Sophia, Samantha, Olivia, Charlotte, Amelia, Chloe, Audrey
    DD (16): Charlotte, Evelyn, Amelia, Nora, Ella, Eloise, Eleanor
    DS (11): Max, Jack, Luke, Noah, Sam, Benjamin, Oliver
    DD (8): Charlotte, Sadie, Ella, Harper, Hazel, Violet, Avery
    DS (5): Josiah, Elijah, Isaiah, Caleb, Noah, Joshua, Ethan
    DS (6 mo.): Jr. of father

    The Sheridan's
    DH (37): James, Oliver, Liam, Ethan, Jude, Owen, Logan
    DW (32): Haneul, Seung, Iseul, Uk, Hye, Yoon, Yong (Choose only one name; she probably has no middle name.)
    DS (16): Park, Lucas, Price, Smith, Camp, Fabian, Abott
    DS (13): Dylan, Kyle, Jack, Jake, Ethan, Joshua, Ryan
    Miranda Morgan-Charity Lisa-Winter Rose-Violet Eve-Anastasia Sophia ---- Elijah James-Winter Hawk-Elijah Zander-Peyton Blue

    Girls: Yuki, Aisu, Winterrose, Anastasia
    Boys: Zero, Winterhawk, Elijah, Zander

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    Newark, NY
    DH (35): Levi Emmett Douglas
    DW (32): Audrey Sophia Douglas

    DD (16): Nora Evelyn Douglas
    DS (11): Oliver Jack Douglas
    DD (8): Sadie Violet Douglas
    DS (5): Ethan Josiah Douglas
    DS (6mo): Levi Emmett Douglas Jr

    * Levi & Audrey with Nora, Oliver, Sadie, Ethan, and Levi *

    DH (37): Owen Jude Sheridan
    DW (32): Iseul Sheridan

    DS (16): Lucas Abbott Sheridan
    DS (13): Kyle Joshua Sheridan

    * Owen & Iseul with Lucas and Kyle *
    ruby marguerite . clara madeline . georgia rachel . june dorothy . hannah lillian
    daniel ryan . felix asher. evan matthew . elliot robert . tobias frederick

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    United Kingdom
    20 year old name lover from England

    Current Favourites

    James, Ezra, Theodore, Edward, Jude, Gabriel, Owen, Arthur, Miles, Nathaniel
    Eden, Adelaide, Matilda, Phoebe, Lydia, Ruby, Scarlett, Emilia, Madeleine

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    The Douglas'
    DH: Landon Emmett (35)
    DW: Samantha Audrey (32)
    DD: Charlotte Nora (16)
    DS: Benjamin Jack (11)
    DD: Violet Ella (8)
    DS: Ethan Noah (5)
    DS: Landon Emmett Jr (6m)

    Landon & Sammy, Charlie, Benji, Violet, Ethan and EJ Douglas

    The Sheridan's
    DH: Jude Oliver (37)
    DW: Hye (32)
    DS: Lucas Park (16)
    DS: Kyle Ethan (13)

    Jude & Hye, Luke and Kyle Sheridan
    Gypsy Princess
    Jai & Pete +1
    Kimber Maura|Sawyer Monroe+Foster Randolph|Porter Graham

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    The Douglas'
    DH [35] James Emmett
    DW [32] Charlotte Amelia
    DD [16] Eloise Charlotte
    DS [11] Benjamin Oliver "Ben"
    DD [8] Sadie Harper
    DS [5] Caleb Joshua
    DS [6 mos.] James Emmett

    The Sheridan's
    DH [37] Jude Owen
    DW [32] Iseul
    DS [16] Lucas Abott
    DS [13] Jack Dylan

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