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    Also, I know this might ruffle some feathers but are you exclusively breastfeeding? I have had friends who exclusively breastfed and complained of how much their newborn cried. Breastmilk breaks down faster in a baby's system so they are hungrier more often than formula fed babies. Honestly, I think that's why Rowan slept through the night at such a young age. Because she was fuller longer. I'm not bad mouthing breastfeeding or anything, but in my experience breastfed babies are generally fussier and cry more.
    My feathers aren't ruffled, but I would say that it depends entirely on the baby how well/early they sleep through, rather than what milk they get. I breastfed both my girls and no.1 slept through from about 10 weeks and no.2 from 5 weeks (8-12 hours) completely by their own volition. Now at 1 & 4 years old they have both been consistently good sleepers.

    I think that some children will more easily sleep through than others and I take little credit, but feel very lucky, for how well my girls sleep although I think you can help them by encouraging them in learning to self-sooth.

    I also concur that there is nothing at all wrong with occasionally giving yourself "time-out" to re-compose yourself when needed and this applies equally to newborns and preschoolers so far to my experience. I often remind myself that babies' or children's cries are specifically 'designed' or evolved to be the one noise that most penetrates your psyche.
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    Thank you so much everyone! It was a bad day... and I freaked out. I'm glad to know this is normal. I was literally crying and shaking for hours, I felt so horrible. I am breastfeeding her exclusively, I don't see the point in formula when I'm full of milk. And she usually never screams like that, she's a very calm little baby.

    I'm happy to hear things will get easier, I can't wait for he to "wake up" now, so she'll smile. And sleeping for longer periods... that will be lovely too.

    Thanks again, sweet ladies!
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    I hope you feel better soon. And personally, my babies are exclusively breastfed and are exceptionally content. There were only a few crying episodes with my daughter early on, and I figured out that it was spicy food in my diet (although this may not be a trigger for every mother-baby dyad, and often the mother's diet isn't the cause at all, like mentioned before it could be gas), and now that she's 7 months old nothing in my diet bothers her anymore. I know many other mothers with exclusively breastfed infants who are all very content as well.
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    I thought I would clarify my comment: "the first few weeks are "easy" in a sense that everything is a blur, you usually have some helping hands, and you have a little adrenaline push. The next little bit gets alot harder because reality starts to set in and it's all worth it... but it takes time."

    I said this for a few reasons. The first being it was aimed directly to ottilie based on a few of her other topics. She was talking about losing baby weight and when to be intimate with her partner. Both of those things gave me the impression that the first few weeks were "easy" (in quotes because we all know it's not easy). It has been my experience too that I'm anxious to get back into the swing of things quickly in those two areas too. It seems just when I start feeling really great, the baby moves to a new cycle and I have to re-adjust to new patterns.

    The other main reason I said that was because the changing schedules from your support people (that, for me often come around 4-6 weeks) combined with caring for a newborn who changes sometimes daily can be a trigger for someone with a mood condition. For me, I can really be my own worst enemy in that I can talk myself into feeling so worried over nothing or not having the confidence I should have in a situation. So I just wanted to comment that things are going to continue to change with baby, with you as a mom, and with your support system all the time and until you get into a place of comfort dealing with all that change, it may be a tough time for a bit.
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