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    Middle Name for Bruce

    Just found out we are expecting and aren't due till November. We have no idea obviously of the gender at this point, but if we have a boy we will probably be naming him Bruce, after my husband's father who died when he was 17. I love Bruce (except that it bugs me that it doesn't really mean anything). To me it is vintage, ultra-masculine and strong. It reminds me of Bruce Wayne, Bruce Willis, and Bruce Lee.
    My 2 year old is Ramona (goes by Roma and mo-mo) and her middle is Mae and our last name is 2 syllables and starts with C, so nothing ending in a hard C will work in the middle.
    I prefer 3 or more syllables and I really want something unique and special that has possible use as a primary name or nickname possibilities in case in the future he wants to go by something other than Bruce (since it is nicknameless).

    I like biblical names or names with a Christian/spiritual meaning. DH hates word names and virtue names.

    So far my only ideas are
    Bruce Matthias
    Bruce Amadeus (DH doesn't love)
    Bruce Cunningham (my mom's maiden name for the middle but not really any options for using as a primary)
    Bruce Zebulon
    Bruce Augustine
    Bruce Lucien (love Lucien/Lucius but this is too many ooos? also do people say this with 2 or 3 syllables?)

    Our heritage is Romanian, German, Scotch and Irish.

    Thanks for your help!

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    I LOVE Bruce! My combo is Bruce Wayne but I am a HUGE Batman fan.

    Bruce Lazarus
    Bruce Asher
    Bruce Joel
    Bruce Josiah
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    Of those I like Bruce Josiah the best, it flows well with our last name
    Bruce Lazarus is cool too

    WTYT of Bruce Allistair?
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    I'm sort of floored right now, lol--Bruce Cunningham is my uncle's full name! My aunt calls him Bru--I think that's kind of fun, along the lines of Reu/Roo that's semi-common for Reuben, Ruby, Ruth, etc., and it has that same sort of smart image that Brewster/Brew has.

    From the rest of your list, I like Bruce Lucien (although the "oo" sounds are pretty repetitive), and Bruce Matthias. I quite love Bruce Amadeus (LOVE Amadeus!), but if your husband won't go for it, I think Bruce Matthias is a lovely alternative.

    I love the pp's suggestions of Asher and Josiah, as well.

    What about Bruce Nathaniel? I quite love the Biblical Nathaniel/Nathanael with Bruce, and the nns Nate/Nathan/Niall/Neil are fun.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks ash! I was thinking of Nathaniel as well. It has lots of nicknames which is nice. I feel like it is getting popular, I know several nathaniels, but I am not sure how important that is in a middle.
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