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    First baby - the pressure of the perfect name! Your opinion valued

    This is my first time posting here - I have been spying on names for the past couple of years. I have been in love with names since a young age which is funny since I wasn't bothered about actually having kids. Anyways, after thinking we possibly couldn't have children of our own - BAM - we are having a baby!! I am almost 19 weeks so lots of time to select the perfect name - however we want just that - the perfect name. We won't be finding out if we are having a boy or girl and I want to narrow it down to a top two for each and then meet the little one before selecting the name.

    We like traditional, unique names, however a name that people can spell and aren't like - 'what is your name?!'. So far our shortlist is the following. Please let me know what your top 2 are from our list and and also share your suggestions. For a first name we will ideally would not have a name in the top 10 (we live in Canada) and ideally not in the top 100; however that may not be possible as some we love are somewhat popular. Apart from where we have given an alternative Kate will be a girl middle name in honour of one of my aunts. Boys mn likely to be John or John Paul (husband grandad and my dad and cousin), but we aren't set on that. The baby will have a very short three letter last name that is pretty simple so we are looking for a strong first name. My husband is funny about what the potential nickname will be and tests out all of the options whenever I put forward a name!

    This is so exciting and I can't wait for your opinions!

    Girls names:
    Mabel Mary True (one of my front runners - not loved by my husband. Mary is a popular family name)
    Imogen Kate (our joint fave)
    Octavia Kate
    Briar Grace/Briar Kate (husband doesn't like this name)
    Beatrix Kate
    Esme Kate
    Tamsin (however hate Tammy as a nn)
    Saorise (Gaelic and one of the names that goes againt my rule of being able to pronounce in Canada - however I have Irish grandparents)

    Boys names:
    Gabriel John Paul or Gabriel Benson- nn Gabe

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