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    If Canadianlove has Irish grandparents, there is a good chance she is Catholic.
    Therefore Gabriel John Paul is fine. I like this combo. I like names that honor.
    I also like Arthur, Theodore, Tobias, and Samuel.
    From your girls I like Imogen, Octavia, and Esme.
    Most of the names I didn't pick would be fine including: Mabel, George, Xander, Deacon and Beatrix.
    However Saorise might be hard for people to pronounce.
    Also Briar is not a favorite of mine either. I know there's a sleeping beauty connection, but it might help to look up Briar in a regular dictionary. Still I think you have great taste. Good Luck!

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    Welcome fellow Canuck!
    Here are my thoughts:
    Mabel Mary True- Aliterative names aren't my favorite, but I like the names on their own. True makes a nice new virtue name, but I hope your family name isn't Lee. That would be a bit comical.
    Imogen Kate- Perfect meaning given your story.
    Octavia Kate- Means 8th, doesn't make sense for a first child.
    Briar Grace/Briar Kate- Too sleeping beauty for me.
    Beatrix Kate- Gorgeous! Bea is sweet and classic. Trip is smart and sassy. Perfect! Great meaning too.
    Esme Kate- Great meaning given your story.
    Tamsin- pretty. But it means "twin", which is a bit weird for a little baby. I knew a Tamsin who always went by her full name, so never had problems with Tammy.
    Saoirse- very pretty, but as you mentioned, you will have to educate people on pronunciation and spelling all her life. It might get tiring. Perhaps as a mn it would be great.

    My favorite would be Beatrix, Imogen or Esme. All three sound great with Kate. I also like Beatrix Saoirse.

    Gabriel John Paul/Gabriel Benson- not a fan of Gabriel either. John Paul as a mn, with any first name, will likely encourage comments about the Pope, as a pp mentioned. My brother's name is similar, even though it's not exactly John Paul. My parents got soooo many comments about the Pope when he was born, even though he was named after family members. Now, he just goes by his fn, so doesn't get the comments any more. But, since both John and Paul are mns, this may not be a concern for you.
    George- Not a fan
    Arthur- I like this name. It's classic and strong. I'm not a fan of Art as a nn though, and not sure what other nn could be used.
    Theodore- LOVE! Again, the meaning is great for your story.
    Tobias- I really like Tobias, the meaning is great!
    Xander- I prefer Alexander (obviously), but Xander makes a great nn
    Deacon- mms
    Samuel- I really like the meaning of Samuel, especially considering your story, but it's really popular!

    My favorite names for you are Theodore. Especially Theodore Arthur as a previous poster mentioned.
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    I just had to comment about Octavia Kate, since we're considering Catherine Octavia is our baby is a girl! Octavia is stunning, but I agree with a previous poster that it seems to overpower sweet Kate. Octavia Mary would be a better choice, IMO, or maybe Octavia Saoirse. (In the middle, you wouldn't have to worry much about how people pronounce it.) I also like Imogen Kate and Beatrix Kate. I'd like Esme better with a different middle. Maybe Esme Katherine or Esme Octavia?

    All your boy choices are great. I'd prefer Xander as a nickname for Alexander, but that's the only real objection I have. I think my favorite is Gabriel John Paul, but I also really like Theodore, Samuel, and Tobias.
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    Girls names:
    Mabel Mary True (one of my front runners - not loved by my husband. Mary is a popular family name) - Not bad, but not my favorite.
    Imogen Kate (our joint fave) - One of my favories.
    Octavia Kate - Prefer others, but this isn't bad.
    Briar Grace/Briar Kate (husband doesn't like this name) - On the fence with this one. Sometimes I like Briar and sometimes I don't. Today I don't.
    Beatrix Kate - Not bad. When said together they run together a bit.
    Esme Kate - Not bad. The potential to be mispronounced a lot.
    Tamsin (however hate Tammy as a nn) - Tamsin has grown on me a lot lately! Nn Tam, Tamsy (I quite like this one). Tamsin Kate is cute.
    Saorise (Gaelic and one of the names that goes against my rule of being able to pronounce in Canada - however I have Irish grandparents) - Unless you're in Ireland or in an area that has a large Irish population, it will be mispronounced often. And misspelled.

    Faves: Tamsin Kate and Imogen Kate.

    Boys names:
    Gabriel John Paul or Gabriel Benson- nn Gabe - Either work.
    George - Too dated to me.
    Arthur - A bit dated, but not as much as George. Artie as a possible nn.
    Theodore - Not bad, but I've never liked it for some reason. I prefer Ted/Teddy over Theo as a nn.
    Tobias - Like this one. Have you thought of Tobin. I LOVE Tobin nn Toby!!!
    Xander - Never liked it. Though I don't like the majority of 'x' names.
    Deacon - I like it. Deek works as a nn.
    Samuel - I like it, but it is pretty popular. Sam/Sammy as nn's.

    Faves: Gabriel John Paul/Gabriel Benson (I can't decide which mn's I like best with Gabriel), Deacon and Tobin. Arthur nn Artie is really pulling at me, though. And I don't usually like Arthur! Sorry. I'm no help for boys!!
    Fave girl combos: Anneliese Margueritte
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    From your girl options I really love Esme, but I don't love it with Kate. I really like Esme Kathereine, though. Aside from Esme, my top two would definitely by Beatrix Kate followed by Imogen Kate. I really like Imogen, but for some reason it doesn't strike me as a name a kid would like having. Which is really the only thing that would make me question using it. I'm a Brittany and I hated my name well into my twenties so I tend to consider that a lot.

    Other options I think what be great for a girl-
    Violet Kate -Violet is a bit trendy at the moment and climbing rapidly, but I feel like it's charming and feminine while still being historical, classic, and substantial enough to balance out your short last name.

    Genevieve Kate -I feel like Genevieve has a lot of the same great qualities as Violet with a ton of nickname options so you aren't stuck with any one nickname.

    Lydia Kate -Lydia is a true classic, with a soft femininity while still managing to be a strong name. I think it would be a beautiful option for you.

    Cecilia Kate -it has lovely flow and is a strong, substantial name while still being both fun and feminine.

    Edith Kate -I can't help myself. I just love Edith. And Edie is such an adorable nickname.

    Eleanor Kate -Eleanor is beautiful, strong and classic without being overdone or too popular. It gets in on the lovely Elle trend without being Ella etc.

    Hazel Grace -Kate would works as well. I just love the sound of Hazel Grace.

    As for boys I love Theodore. It's a strong name with a lot of history, but it still totally works on a little boy. And who doesn't love a little Theo or Teddy? Theodore John has a nice flow to it. I also really love both Xander and Deacon and either would sound great with John or Paul as a middle name. Gabriel is also a really nice choice and Gabe is a great nickname, but it's up there in popularity.

    My other suggestions would be-

    Oliver John -it just feels like a really great name. I know it's up there in popularity, but Oliver just feels quirky and cool.

    Julian Paul -Julian is popular, but I think its for good reason.

    Elliot -John or Paul would both work with Elliot. It's got the substance you're looking for, isn't too popular and has a fun quirky edge to it.

    Charles - I am a lover of Charlie. Charles has a nice strength to it and a slightly royal feel. It's a great name with nice nickname options.

    Lucas John -I love Lucas, I just don't love Luke. Lucas is a really great name. It's got the history and substance you want without feeling too old for a little boy.

    And I know Benjamin is quite popular, but I think it's another great option for you.

    Good Luck! You have a lot of great names on your list. I'm sure you'll come up with the perfect name.
    Girls- Winter, Eden, Colette, River, Charlotte.
    Boys- Atticus, Eliot, Milo, Gideon, Malcolm.

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