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    Names that are "too cool" for you

    Hi all! So I'm not pregnant nor am I even at that point in life yet, but my boyfriend and I did start discussing names we may use in the future (a huge step for a name enthusiast like me!) and I've come to a conclusion....I'm not "cool" enough for most of the names I love!

    Have any of you ever felt like this?

    For example, for girls I love the names Lux, Cordelia, Juniper, Echo, Juno, Minerva, Temperance, India, Niamh, Cairo, Zara, etc. etc. But ask any of my friends what they picture me having for a daughter and almost every single one says Charlotte. Now Charlotte's beautiful...but it ain't Cordelia!

    And it's the same story with boys, as well. I love Augustine, Hugo, Soren, Bodhi, Everett, Thatcher, Faolan, Lucan, Orion, Oisin, Dexter, Felix, Gideon, Blaise, etc. But again, ask my friends and they'll say Jack or Henry.

    Tell me I'm not the only one who likes names that are "too cool"?
    Happy I'm in love with my best friend...

    *Cordelia Hazel* *Temperance Lark* *Juniper Daphne* *India Pearl*
    *Alexander Rhys* *Calder Solomon* *Micah Samuel* *Everett Blaise*

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