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Thread: Xavi

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    I've fallen in love with the name Xavi, but my husband is worried it sounds too much like a nickname. What do you think?
    I love Xavi and Xave, but for some reason I don't like Xavier! Is there anything you can think of that could be a full name for these?

    Thank you!
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    I'm afraid I agree with your husband (as much as I hate to do that!) -- it does sound like a nn, especially next to your other sons' names (which are fantastic!!). Out of curiosity, how would you pronounce it? Strangely, I pronounce Xavier like ex-AYV-yer, which I assume is the anglicized version of the Spanish (?), but I pronounce Xavi like Hah-vee, which I think is the original Spanish prn? I realize that makes no sense. I think it's because I'm much more familiar with the ex-AYV-yer pronunciation, but that pronunciation doesn't work with the shortened Xavi.

    My idiosyncrasies aside, Xavier is perfect with your other sons. And as a sidenote, I'm totally jealous that you got to use Maximilian! That was at the top of our list, but it rhymed with our last name and was the same amount of syllables, so it was a no go. But it remains my top name -- love love love!!! SO happy to see it used!

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    It seems nicknamey to me, as well. I actually know an Xavier nn Xavi. Xavier is pronounced ex-AYV-yer and Xavi is pronounced zah-vee. I don't like either, really, but what's important is that you guys like it.
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    Xavi is a nn for Xavier. A little Xavi will be assumed to be a Xavier.
    There is a footballer named Xabier (Xabi).

    Xavier is "zaw-vee-air" or "zay-vee-er" or "shaw-vee-air". I don't know where people get "x-zay-vee-er", Xander isn't "x-zander"
    Xavi is "zaw-vee" or "shaw-vee"

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    It sounds like a nickname for Xavier, not a full name.

    I also think going with another 'x' names with your two boys would be a bit overkill.
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