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    No names are too cool for me - but plenty of names are so cool that they're lame, in that you can tell the parents were trying hard to sound cool. Ryker is the perfect example of what i mean. From your list, i'd say Bodhi, Echo, and Cairo fall into that category, but it's all kind of relative. If anything, i'd expect your friends to think most of your choices were too old-fashioned or intellectual, not too cool.

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    I really don't know what people would expect from me as far as naming. My close family and friends know I'm crazy and love all sorts of weird names. Maybe acquaintances would be surprised by a few of my favorites, but I don't think I'd be willing to actually use some of the more unusual names on my list.

    I definitely think there are names that are "too cool" for the extreme dorkiness of my DH and I. Most people would probably assume our twin boys would be named Harry and Luke for Potter & Skywalker, lol.

    I don't think we could follow the "old-fashioned" trend either, because any poor son of ours named Angus or Phineas would definitely look like a sad little dork in middle school.
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    For me it is the opposite, I think people would be shocked if I chose "normal" names. I have always leaned towards less common names.
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    Both DH and I have fairly uncommon names. Mine's been in the 300-800 rankings for the past few decades in the US and his hasn't been below the 500's since before the 1950's. We often get comments about it. I feel like it would be a bit noteworthy if we were to choose a very common name, not unthinkable but noteworthy. I also don't think about a name that's too cool. Trying too hard, yes, absolutely. But there's a big difference in my mind. If a name has meaning and is grounded in some family, literary, and/or historical significance, I think it can work for most people.
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    I think everyone expects eccentric literary [Shakespeare] names from me, and I'll probably prove them right someday. I don't know that there are any names I consider "too cool" for me, but there are ones that I consider "not uncool enough."

    (and raptreverie, Cosima Tamsin Delphine is lovely!)
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