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    To-family name or Not-to-family-name? How to choose a middle name for Callum


    We have just been told that we are expecting a boy in early August, a brother for S0rcha Verity.

    First name is set: Callum.

    Our dilemma centres on the middle name. DH wants to use his grandmother's maiden name, which is Reade (this spelling).
    I have nothing against the name as such; it flows well, his grandma is lovely, and I love to read ;p But I have a few hesitations. First, we've chosen Callum itself as a way of honouring our respective fathers equally (Calvin and WIlliam), so it feels like using a family name like Reade suddenly swings his name strongly towards Dh's side of the tree. Second, while grandma is, as mentioned, lovely, I personally have no connection to the name and would like something that was more significant to both of us. Finally, although it's only a middle, I am a bit concerned that the unusual spelling would add confusion, or appear misspelled.

    Other names we've considered for the middle:
    Ruairi (pr. Roo-ri, rather than Rory): a link to our time in Ireland, and gives us a link to Roo, an homage to a friend
    Bowen: an island off of British Columbia where we got engaged

    We also love Malcolm (as a Firefly reference!), but doesn't work because a) the M's smoosh together and b) it's essentially the same name as Callum.

    Any thoughts on above issues - are they lethal or minor? Any suggestions for other middles? I'm inclined to more unusual names, so no George or Henry.

    Thanks, berries!

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    Hmmm, I can see why you're hestiant. I don't think Callum Bowen flows particularly well, and I would've been totally lost on the pronunciation of Ruairi if you hadn't have mentioned it. Reade would be your best bet out of those mentioned! Here's some random suggestions though, in case:

    Callum Rigby
    Callum Virgil
    Callum Barnabas

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    Well, I am all about family names -- our son has a first name from DH's side and a middle name from my side, and for any future children (all theoretical at this point) we will also choose family names because I just think it makes the name that much more special.

    That said, the same goes for the other middle names you've chosen because they are equally special in that they reference something that means something to you as a couple. Personally, I think all of them are great middle name options. You definitely will have pronunciation troubles with Ruairi, so you have to kind of decide how much you like the name -- if constantly correcting people/answering "how do you pronounce that?" or "where did that come from?" will make you more annoyed than proud, I'd nix it.

    My vote is for Bowen because it means something to both of you as a couple, which sounds more important to you. Callum Bowen doesn't have the greatest flow, but it's not bad and your last name could make it much better. But most of all, I get the feeling that you'd smile every time you thought of that name and where it came from and that makes me tear up and seems super special. It would also totally make me tear up if another mom told me that story about her son's name. Making me cry = great name!

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    Thanks to both of you for your replies.

    Balloons: unfortunately none of those middles are quite the style we're into. Broadly Celtic and historical would be a concise way to describe it.

    Catheyc: I love the significance behind using Bowen, but having said it over and over, it now sounds like Columbo to me! Obviously hormonal over-think here.

    Would love other suggestions, as we're not sure we've hit on *the* name. If it helps, our surname is double-barrelled and sounds like 'Grant-McKay'.

    Thanks all.
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