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    To-family name or Not-to-family-name? How to choose a middle name for Callum


    We have just been told that we are expecting a boy in early August, a brother for S0rcha Verity.

    First name is set: Callum.

    Our dilemma centres on the middle name. DH wants to use his grandmother's maiden name, which is Reade (this spelling).
    I have nothing against the name as such; it flows well, his grandma is lovely, and I love to read ;p But I have a few hesitations. First, we've chosen Callum itself as a way of honouring our respective fathers equally (Calvin and WIlliam), so it feels like using a family name like Reade suddenly swings his name strongly towards Dh's side of the tree. Second, while grandma is, as mentioned, lovely, I personally have no connection to the name and would like something that was more significant to both of us. Finally, although it's only a middle, I am a bit concerned that the unusual spelling would add confusion, or appear misspelled.

    Other names we've considered for the middle:
    Ruairi (pr. Roo-ri, rather than Rory): a link to our time in Ireland, and gives us a link to Roo, an homage to a friend
    Bowen: an island off of British Columbia where we got engaged

    We also love Malcolm (as a Firefly reference!), but doesn't work because a) the M's smoosh together and b) it's essentially the same name as Callum.

    Any thoughts on above issues - are they lethal or minor? Any suggestions for other middles? I'm inclined to more unusual names, so no George or Henry.

    Thanks, berries!

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