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    Unique Biblical Names Baby #2 (Sibling for Cyrus)

    What would you name a sibling for Cyrus? Our son will be 9 months old next week and we're expecting #2 in July. We're waiting until birth to find out the gender like we did with Cyrus. Honestly, my husband and I haven't spent much time discussing names yet because we just finished naming our first! We are on the same page for names though. We both like unique Biblical or Old Fashioned (Colonial) names. So please help us narrow down the list or discover some others we may love.

    Here are the names at the top of our list right now. Any thoughts? The middle name will be a family name variation to be determined.

    For a Sister:
    Magdala or Magdalen- this was our choice if Cyrus would have been a girl. It's always been my favorite name.

    For a Brother:
    Ezra- too feminine?
    Zebedee - the other name we both loved for a boy last pregnancy. We decided he sounded more like the younger brother though so we went with Cyrus.

    Thanks for your help!

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    I LOVE Keziah and Dinah, but how are you pronouncing Keziah? I assume it's correctly pronounced keh-ZYE-uh, but on Little House on the Prairie there is a character called Kezia (this spelling) pronounced KEE-zee-uh. I definitely prefer the Little House pronunciation. It sounds so playful and quirky. Keh-ZYE-uh almost sounds manly to me. Dinah is so sweet and unique, while at the same time being familiar and recognizable, and easily spelling/pronounced. Great choices!

    While I LOVE obscure Biblical boys' names, I can't say any of those on your list are my taste. Still, they all have been used for centuries, so you can't go wrong! My recommendations would be:

    Jebediah (or just Jeb as a given name)

    Lately I've fallen head over heels for Jerusha (girl's name), the mother of King Jotham in the Bible. I think Jerusha sounds SO Colonial, which is one of the reasons I love it. I actually posted a thread about it not long ago, but at the time I didn't love it, I only appreciated its quirkiness. Now it is probably my second favorite girls' name!

    You may also like Shiloh for either gender. Jerusalem as a name has been on my mind as well, but is too clunky for my taste as a first name.

    Good luck, and congratulations!

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    Keziah is adorable. I prefer the kez-EYE-ah pronunciation, as the eye-ah is how Hebrew names ending in -iah should be pronounced, i.e. as in Josiah, Jeremiah and Nehemiah.

    Out of the boy names, I love Ezekiel (with nn Zeke), Ezra and Zebedee.

    I think Ezekiel, if you shortened it to Zeke would be great, as Cyrus and Zeke sound like they were meant to be brothers!
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    Love Dinah for a girl. For your boys, I like Ezekiel and Gideon with Cyrus.

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    You've got some very strong manly name choices there! Out of those, my personal favorites would be Ezra (no, I don't think it sounds girly) and Ezekial (I have a very bad association with the only Zeke I have ever known, which prevents me from loving it more.) It may be too popular for your taste, but my favorite Biblical boys name is Levi. Other thoughts are Jedediah and Zebulon (nn Zeb). I am personally not a fan of Biblical girls name at all. Most of them are just too "ordinary" for me. So I will refrain from commenting on a girls name, other than to say that I think that Jerusha would make a lovely out of the box choice.

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