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    I love Dinah. I think it's very underused and since it is a variation of my own name, I like to see love for it!
    Keziah would be my next choice for a girl.
    Ezekiel is a HUGE love of mine, and if I didn't already know a little boy named this it would be on my own list. I think it goes very well with Cyrus.
    I also like Abram because I love the nn Bram.
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    For girls, I know a girl who pronounces it "Zeh-zeye-a" and another girl who prounces it "Keh-zjha" (kinda like Kesha). I love Zara and Magdala (beautiful!).

    Other unique biblical girl names of girls I know:

    Hadassah (Haddie)
    Myra (place name)
    Nila (similar to Nile)

    Two girls I know have "interjection/praise names"
    Maranatha (Nattie)

    I have also like Naama (Nay-ah-ma) too, definitely different There were a few Naama's in the OT.

    Boys names: Love Ezekiel and Ezra (definitely not girly at all).

    Also love (but not most people's preference:

    Barnabas (Baz)
    Malachy (irish version of Malachi)
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    Just thought of a few more Biblical place names you might like:

    Cherith (it's a brook in the Bible, pronounced CHAIR-ith)

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    Hey you- thanks for pointing me here. I would have missed it.

    I'm still loving Dinah for a litle sister to Cy. "Di and Cy" may be a bit too much though. Keziah worries me slightly because I feel like it might not be very approachable or well known enough. I think I like Keturah better, but Kezzie or Zia are cute nicknames. I also like that Keziah is related to the cassia plant/cinnamon! cute. Magdala nn Maggie feels like a natural fit though too. It's you favorite name and I think you should push it with T more because of that.

    I love all your boy choices and alot of them are some of my favs, but just not names we can use (ha! like we can ever produce a boy...) in our sibset. Ezekiel "Zeke" is my favorite and I really love how Y and Z would be the 2nd letter in the boys names. I know that is a lame reason to pick a name, but you know me and my OCDish stuff. I guess Abel might be one I remove from the list because it sounds very wordy to me. I do love the suggestion of Levi and I don't think it's too common.

    Others to consider:


    See ya soon!
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    I love Keziah and Abel. =] I like Ezra and Ezekiel. Zebedee and Magdala could grow on me. You might also consider Ezriah, Migdana, Liron, Lirit, Tamar, Keshetah, Levi, Asher.
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