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    I cannot decide

    Hello, Going_Merry here. I'll make this quick unlike my previous post(s) so this summary will be as quick as. Ok, so it's set in a fantastical world with monsters. Not scary monsters but usually cute, nice ones. Unless they're enemies then, yeah, they are mean, scary and evil. Not to mention ugly.
    So, the main character is a girl who is fifteen. She is an artist who makes a living making art on the streets and does monster removal occassionally (secretly). she ran away from home so she could live her life because she's from a high class family she finds is suffocating as she is headstrong, adventurous and couragerous as well as extremely loyal. I've got three names but I can't pick! I know I want the surname "Everleigh" and I've tried these names with it and they seem to work (tell me otherwise). I'm loving Aspen, Reina and Saskia. I love them all because they seem to suit her. Tell me what you think please!!!! Also, she has a small pet monster which is uber cute and takes the form of a baby bird execpt massive (for a baby bird). He's yellow and red, very spoilt but very loyal. I picture it having a cutesy name which can vary heaps since all the characters are going to give it their own nickname. Maybe, names you give to your pet birds. If your feeling nice, please suggest for its name but you don't have to.

    Just so you know Aspen is a type of tree. Reina means queen. Saskia means knife or adventurous. All you berries just have to pick your favourite.

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