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    WDYT of Malou? (+ Marilou?)

    I found our old list of names from when we were looking for names for Hazel and theres some names on it that i'd completely forgotten about! Malou was one of them and I think I've fallen in love with it again! We are expecting a boy this time so I can't use it but was wondering what you think?

    Another name was Marilou, how would you pronounce that? I prefer Mary-Lou but I think some people may pronounce it Marie-Lou.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I don't love Malou- I think it sounds like a hillbilly mother looking for her son Lou ("Anybody seen ma Lou?")

    As for Marilou, I absolutely prefer Mary-Lou. I don't think anyone would pronounce it Marie-Lou. I know it seems more difficult for me to say Marie-Lou than Mary-Lou.
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    I prefer Malou.

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