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    Help! Name Needed for Baby Girl, Obstacles Abound, Serious Name Lovers- We Need You!

    Hey you berries!

    So, here is the dilemma. After months of operating under the presumption we were having a boy, turns out it's a little lady! Our boy's name was nice and settled. We never gave much thought to girls' names and now we are in a pickle.

    Challenges galore:

    1) I'm a teacher, and so am fatigued by popular names and very conscious of not wanting our little girl to be Charlotte B, and later on heaven forbid, Cute Charlotte, Ugly know, whatever adjectives kids use to distinguish each other. It seems that all the names we both like are uber-popular: Charlotte, Amelia, Sophie, Alice, Caroline, et al.

    Additionally, there's the teacher name curse of loving a name and then having a student with said name terrorize you! You can never go back and look at the name Shea the same... :?

    2) My husband and I can't agree on anything! While I love off the beaten track names (Seraphina, Azalea, Posy, Dulcie, Theodora), he prefers 'well known' (Emma, Olivia) which often reads popular. See above issue.

    3) My husband's family. He's one of seven, and his mom is one of eight, so a lot of names have already been taken at this point!

    4) Nickname distaste. Both of us have a huge distaste for nicknames. The only name we could agree on, Adelaide, had to go out the window because my family insisted on calling her Addie.

    I know it's a lot to work with, but it's our first and probably only (she is a bit of a miracle) baby. We would appreciate any help and guidance ya'll can bestow!

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