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    Need help with a middle name....I am due April 9th!!!

    ok so I am new to nameberry and this is my first post so i apologize if i don't have the lingo down

    this is my third pregnancy..I have 2 little boys my oldest is Jude Kolton and his brothers name is Noah Jacob...this time around I am having a little girl (yay!)

    I wanted to name her after my mother with it not being mom's name is Jeannette Elizabeth

    I am dead set on the first name being Violet (the -et ending i thought was close to my moms) and i thought I wanted Elizabeth for a middle name but it me i think it sounds a little clunky and maybe to long (our last name is one syllable)

    I am drawn to Violet Isobel also well

    I am open to other options and opinions to the other names

    Violet Elizabeth
    Violet Isobel

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    Congratulations! I think both are pretty, but Isobel is a variant of Elizabeth so it would still honor your mother. If you love Isobel, use it!
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    Welcome to nameberry and congratulations on your little girl.

    I think Violet Isobel is a really lovely name and if you wanted another suggestion I think Violet Elise would be very pretty. I am suggesting Elise because it has a connection to Elizabeth but it is not so heavy and I think works really well with Violet.


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    Violet is very nice.
    Other Jeanette Elizabeth inspired options:

    Isobel is very lovely, my favourite spelling of the name.
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    Violet Isobel is pretty. I also like Violet Elspeth or Violet Eliza.

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