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    Shayel is Hebrew. Shayelle is really pretty.

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    I've known several Shaes over the years and they have all been stand alone names.

    If you wanted a full name I could see Shana, Shannon, Shayne, and Shaela working well

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    Shailene Woodley is a young actress (loved her in the Descendants w/ George Clooney), and out of other 'Shay' names I like this one best. But really I think Shae/Shay could stand on it's own...Kind of like Faye, which has been debated on nameberry. But I think paired with a longer, 2 syllable middle name it could really work!
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    Shay is definitely a standalone name, IMO. Like Shay Mitchell, the actress on Pretty Little Liars. I actually love it!

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    lol I love Shaelynn! But then I knew an amazing one. I think it is fine on it's own.
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