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    What are some different spellings for Adalyn?!?

    I think we are set on naming our little girl Adalyn Reese. I know there are probably alot of different spellings we could use and I would like to get ya'll's help in that. We like the pronunciation Add-uh-lynn vs Add-a-line. I know this name will also not be a lot of peoples style but it seems to work for us. And we think it goes well with brothers Easton and Rowdy. I did also love Adelaide but husband would not go for it lol.
    Thank you ladies!!!

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    I think the Adalyn spelling is your best option for the pronunciation you like. Adulyn, Adylyn, Adelyn, Adylin, Adalun, Adelynn, Adalynn- none of those look good at all. I think Adalyn is best followed by Adelyn.

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    Here are Nameberry's spelling options for Adalyn, which is listed as a variation of Adalia: Adalyn, Adalynn, Adalynne, Addalyn, and Addalynn; and here are the options for Adelyn, listed as a variation of Adeline or Adele: Adelyn, Adelynn, Adelynne, Adilene, and Adlin.

    I think I agree with domestikated that Adalyn and Adelyn are your best and simplest options. Congrats and best wishes!
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    I like Adelyn or Adalyn the best!

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    Addalin perhaps?

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