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    My grandma went by Della so I have a real soft spot for it!
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    Della is a pretty name but I prefer Delta a lot more. Willa is a good name too but if I had to choose between Willa and Willow I would choose Willow.


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    Willa is my all-time favourite name. I love it! It's got an element of pretty, cute, kind, fun, bubbly, nature, and still somehow manages to be soft. It's perfect for anyone and everyone. Also, I would Chose Willa over Willow. Willow isn't as fun, creative and outgoing as Willa. Willow is much softer and screams quiet, shy, reserved. Willa can be anything. Della sounds like deli, but maybe that's just me.

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    I like them both, but more favourite is Willa. Della sounds nicknamey and incomplete.
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