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    sister for oliver!

    Hi! I need help with a name for my daughter due in June. It needs to flow well with brother Oliver Rex and our last name ends in -en so it's making this very difficult for me! All of the names I loved when I was pregnant with my son have become VERY popular, and I would love some ideas that are a little less mainstream! I have always loved Penelope and Audrey, but that is all I have so far! Greatly appreciate any help
    Maggie Rae

    Oliver Rex
    Penelope Layla
    Alice Magnolia

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    Oliver and Penelope or Audrey both sound like great siblings! What about Oliver and...

    Winifred (Winnie!)
    Sylvia or Sylvie
    Harriet (Hattie)
    Florence (nn Wren, Lor, Flossy, etc)
    Araminta (nn Minnie)

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    Are there any particular end sounds you're trying to avoid with your last name? There aren't a lot of girls' names ending in '-en,' so avoiding that isn't too tough; I don't think any of these would necessarily sound awkward with an -en surname, but I can't say for sure:

    Oliver & Daphne
    Oliver & Marina
    Oliver & Ada
    Oliver & Claudia
    Oliver & Aurelia
    Oliver & Iris
    Oliver & Ivy
    Oliver & Rosemary
    Oliver & Charis / Carys
    Oliver & Felicity
    Oliver & Hazel
    Oliver & Margo / Margot
    Oliver & Elodie
    Oliver & Phoebe
    Oliver & Clara
    Oliver & Fiona
    Oliver & Miriam
    Oliver & Ingrid
    Oliver & Astrid
    Oliver & Flora
    Oliver & Johanna
    Oliver & Daisy
    Oliver & Helen / Helena
    Oliver & Nella / Nell (Nell could also be a nn for Penelope, Helen, Cornelia, etc)
    Oliver & Esme
    Oliver & Thea
    Oliver & Nina
    Oliver & Celeste
    Oliver & Beatrice / Beatrix
    Oliver & Isla
    Oliver & Bridget
    Oliver & Sylvie / Sylvia
    it's name-o'clock somewhere

    Daria | Jethra | Ramona | Claudia | Zenobia | Niobe | Tullia | Solveig | Greta | Cyra | Rivka | Hypatia | Junia | Moira | Phoebe

    Ferris | Otto | Dorian | Arthur | Leif | Robin | Fox | Cassander | Desmond | Cyro | Grover | Sirocco | Rory | Quentin | Tycho

    Mildred "Red" ☆ Obedience "Bede" ☆ Relief "Leafy" ☆ Dorothea "Doro" ☆ Cressida "Sid" ☆ Ruth "Rue" ☆ Eudoxia "Exie" ☆ Ramona "Momo"

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    all of these are so pretty! esp love daphne, hazel & adelaide! These all seem to work well; our last name is very common, and for me its not that difficult but my husband keeps suggest very unisex names that seem to rhyme with our last. i'm doing my best to persuade him!
    Maggie Rae

    Oliver Rex
    Penelope Layla
    Alice Magnolia

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    I thought flower or plant names would go nicely with Oliver. I also included latin names to compliment your son's name. I tried to steer clear of the names i've heard a lot lately on nameberry to be less mainstream.

    Oliver and Laurel -I like alternative spellings it takes away from the popularity e.g. Lorel. Like Oliver, Laurel/Lorel is a latin tree name, and they sound gorgeous together!
    Oliver and Hazel (both tree names)
    Oliver and Cara (I love the simplicity of Cara and it sounds great with Oliver)
    Oliver and Seraphina/Serafina
    Oliver and Mabel
    Oliver and Rosalie (flower name to go with tree name)
    Oliver and Celeste
    Oliver and Rosey (flower name)
    Oliver and Aubri (spelling variation less mainstream)
    Oliver and Cassia (botanical name)

    V names that go well with Oliver-
    Oliver and Violet -flower name, although Violet is growing in popularity
    Oliver and Viola (less popular alternative to Violet)
    Oliver and Valetta
    Oliver and Virginia
    Oliver and Valora (meaning courageous)

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