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    Inspiration and Opinions Needed

    Hello berries!

    I am working on getting a short list (3 - 5 names max) of girl names that we could use for our second child. We had major issues getting to agreement with our first and as we prepare to start trying for #2 I'd really prefer to have the name situation close to resolved so we aren't debating without agreement right up to the due date like last time. Our son's name is Victor David and our last name is short and sounds sort of like Sail-In. We have settled on a short list of boy names and I'd love to get to the same place with girl names and then let the subject rest!

    We need a name that can be easily pronounced by both English and Spanish speakers, but we are ok with the pronunciations being different between the two languages. The middle name will be Ruth in honor of my aunt and grandmother. Names we've considered:

    We both love the sound of Carmen but have bad personal associations with the name. Any names you know of that might sound similar to Carmen?

    We love Rosetta but I worry it's a little bit too much, if you know what I mean. But I love names that end in ette or etta.

    Thea is probably going on the short list. We also love Luisa but not necessarily with our last name.

    I like Aurelia but my husband thinks it's a little bit too much.

    Vivica is a potential but matching first initials aren't ideal.

    We've also discussed Arcadia, Freya, Nancy, Perla.

    Thoughts on these names and any suggestions would be welcome. We are clearly all over the place! Thanks in advance.

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    I really love Carmen for you. I understand personal associations can be kind of a hard hurdle to get over though. What about Carina/Karina or Corinne?

    Aurelia is very pretty and a bit frilly but is there a nickname that you could use to shorten sometimes? Lia, Ellie, Aurie?

    Vivica seems a bit much with Victor, but could be useable.

    Thea would be a nice option, and is a simple and short name.

    Rosetta is pretty and a little "frilly" as well, but Rose, Rosie, Etta would make great nicknames.

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    I like Libby's suggestion of Etta. Etta Ruth.
    Carmen Ruth is a bit silly.. love both names, but Carmen is so red, and Ruth so sweet and dusty mauve.

    Henrietta is really strong and quirky, and it gives you the nn Hennie, which just melts my heart.
    Along the same lines, I think Simonetta is kind of amazing. Simonetta 'Sailin.' Yes!
    Odetta Ruth is cool and folksy. Strong enough to stand up to Victor.

    Victor is gorgeous by the way.

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    Thanks, everyone for the thoughts and suggestions. I love Odetta and wouldn't have thought of it on my own, and Thessaly is beautiful and new to me. Corinne is beautiful too, I'll run that one by my Spanish speaker husband to see if it would work for his family. I agree that Carmen Ruth has no flow - I'm certain we won't go with Carmen but do love the sound of it. Thanks, ladies!

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