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Thread: Winchester?

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    My sister went to school in Winchester, it's an old town in south England (Hamps), they've got a really old cathedral, it's linked to King Arthur. And Jane Austen's buried there. But my main association is the rifle. It's a thing of beauty. And I do love western's. I wouldn't mind a little Winchester running around, but I would expect him to be a dashing cowboy-ish type.
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    I'm not personally a big fan of surname names, but I do think Winchester is an awesome choice! I'm not personally into guns, but I have several family members who are. They would probably think it was the most awesome name in the world. I don't think it's like naming your child "Rifle" or "Pistol." That would be going too far. But I believe that Winchesters aren't just your ordinary run of the mill type of gun either. It's the coolest of the cool when it comes to guns. Kind of like naming your child "Harley." Plus, for me it's got two winning syllables as far as names go... "Win" and "Chester." Chester just seems like such a cuddly name. It's got such an attractive old west vibe. Good choice!

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    sjazami - I like Winchester a lot and the nn Win is great! Yes, Winchester is a brand of gun, but Colt has an association with guns as do other names.

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    My first thought is of the Winchester Mystery House, which is of course the former home of the Winchester rifles's inventor's widow turned tourist trap. Caveat: My DH has grandparents who live in the next town over. I personally would not name my child after a gun and would probably be turned off by a name if this name was shared by a weapon.
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    I knew a horse named Winchester. I always thought of wind and chestnut trees, had no idea it was a kind of gun.
    I can't get behind the idea of naming a child after a weapon, no matter how pro-gun you are.
    Still, it's got a handsome sound. Reminds me of Montgomery somehow. I can see a teenaged boy named Winchester using Winch as a nickname - pretty macho but also cute.

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