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    Endymion? Could it work?

    I was recently browsing through some Greek myths (as I do often) and I became particularly interested in the myth of Endymion. I have fallen in love with the myth...and the name. Now I'm all for 'out-there' names but this one seems to be the most 'out-there' of all my beloved boy names. However, I can't think of anything about Endymion that is bad...
    I even asked Theo about it and he loves it just as much as I do. Though he is even more concerned about any teasing that could stem from the name...

    I would love to know what your honest thoughts are on Endymion. Do you see/hear anything in Endymion that could encourage teasing? If the feedback is fairly good then I am definitely putting it on the list. I can see it being a top contender for our little boy.

    Also, I was thinking that Endy and Mio (rhymes with Leo) could be nice nicknames (though I course if I named my son Endymion I would call him by his full name as much as possible).

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    Hmmm, it sounds great in theory, but on a real child it's always completely different. I know it wouldn't be accepted well where I live just because it IS so different and strange to most people. There would be so many pronunciation/spelling issues. People spend most of their lives as adults, so another thing you really have to think about is how it would sound on a 30 year old in the working world. As much as I love it, the sound, the history, I just can't see it being a successful moniker in today's society.

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    I think it works great as a middle name, but not so much as a first name.
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    I watched Sailor Moon when I was little so all I can think of is Tuxedo Mask (who is really Prince Endymion) so because of that I can't really see it working.... maybe as a middle

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